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10 Details All Girls Share with Their Best friends

10 Details All Girls Share with Their Best friends

Details All Girls Share with Their Best friends : Often a girl may be says to you “I don’t share all things with my friends”. But really, don’t trust her all the way. Some girls really stick to their statement but not all the girls. Many girls have a habit of breaking up secrets and jerking the friends. You may find the details about your girl from somewhere else because everything is not such simple what it looks. But there are some details which all girls share with their best friends. Such details may leave in shock but have fun and enjoy.

10 Details All Girls Share with Their Best friends

1. “Then he went down on his knees and asked me to feed my number in his phone”

Every action of girl, when she is telling details, explains her excitement and vigor about the event. She can force to imagine that maybe you were also there at that time. No matter of the extent of importance, you can enjoy what she is telling to you. Exaggeration may be the essential part of her details.


2. ‘He’s not a fling, but he isn’t my future husband either’.

The height of avoiding the fact, when the decision is taken, but she can misguide you till the approval of important peeps. She doesn’t you to talk in surety so she can keep you in doubt. It may be called her trick.


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3. ‘He’s got an amazing torso much better than my ex, but your boyfriend has abs that are way too slick’.

OH this is an odd one when you listen that your girl was talking about the good look of some other boy. But really it doesn’t mean that she no more loves you but it means that she want to misguide her best friends and making a different sense that her friend does not take any complex in this way.


4. ‘He’s amazing, he sends me links to things that I would like, he makes me feel like the most beautiful person in every room, he’s perfect for me.’

These words are really the demonstrations of her love that how much she cares about your importance and reputation. If you are not doing such things but still she speaks about it then it means that she is imagining your good deeds for her. It may be shocking for you if you hear about such things but take this shock in a positive way and do what she want you to do.


5. ‘He can do wonders with his tongue but this one time, it felt like a washing machine was stirring clothes!’

This also shows her utter affection towards you that she wants to explain your wonderful things to others. You will be astonished to hear about your own qualities but don’t worry; she will not admire you always. Take it as a bonus if you hear such things.toungue

6. ‘His mom’s pissed at him for not working hard enough, his brother has a sore throat and his maid hasn’t come home for days’.

OH really you were busy in doing such things? Did you ever tell her such things? If not then admire her height of imagination and guessing. Otherwise try to recall all the things which you said to her. You may find the answer by recalling but first one has more probability.


7.‘He couldn’t even answer my call, but managed to organize a whole night out with his friends’.

Did you tell her that you were with your friends all the night? All the details would be unclear in your mind but she will have a clear opinion and guess about you that why you were not picking her call? But don’t take tension, make another fight and resolve the matter.


8. ‘He’s not been to the crease yet’

She may ruin all of you tries, affections and passion but don’t disappoint. She surely admire you but she don’t want to show this.


9. ‘So it’s bigger than Edwards but smaller than Sunil’s.

She knows every detail about your appearance and can tell the difference in between your thumb and figure. This is what called a deep observation may be.


10.‘So sex is off the table for now, until he realizes why I’m pissed’.

So, she knows the reason behind your dryness but she will not catch it to resolve. She will continue to show attitude until you explain her what she wants.

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The above mentioned things are clear to explain that “A girl” is valuable because she loves you a lot. Her meeting with friends is not bad because it can also help you to strengthen your relationship. Value the girls and don’t stop her to meet her best friends.

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