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10 Things That Prove Your Mother Is the Best Doctor in the World

10 Things That Prove Your Mother Is the Best Doctor in the World

Mother Is the Best Doctor in the World : “Mother”, is a word full of love and sacrifice because, it is the name of a personality who is the living model of love and sacrifice. If whole world is against you, one person will be in your favor, and that person is your mother. When you feel down, or you suffer from some health problem, your mother will be there for you. It is the extra quality of a mother that she is a doctor as well. She can be a best doctor for you because experience and care for her children makes her a perfect doctor. A mother can understand the problem of her child so she can play a good role of doctor perfectly. Here we are going to describe the things which prove that a mother is a best doctor for you.

10 Things That Prove Your Mother Is the Best Doctor in the World
1. A mother knows that “Ajwain” is the best solution of stomachache 

“Ajwain” which is called “celery” in English, is the best solution in case of stomachache. Mother did not earned this knowledge from any institute but she knows what is better to relief her child from pain.This proves your Mother Is the Best Doctor in the World . 


2. Steam works best if you are suffering from closed nose, and this is told you by your mother

It is common in sub-continent that when you have closed nose problem, mothers warm up the water and asks you to put a blanket on yourself and intake steam of that warmed water. This really helps to recover from closed nose and headache due to closed nose.


3. Cold piece of cloth works best in fever

When you are suffering from fever, the most conscious person is mother who tries to treat your fever by putting cold piece of cloth on your forehead. This proves your Mother Is the Best Doctor in the World . It is amazing treatment and your temperature starts lowering.

34. Anemia can be prevented by your mother’s habit to give you “Anar ka Juice”

“Anar ka juice, i.e. Pomegranate juice” is the best treatment of blood deficiency and your mother always give it to you to prevent from getting anemia. Mother knows better when you need it and thus you are not vulnerable to anemia.


5. Haldi wala Milk, the best for immunity, but we don’t like to drink and mother forced us to drink it

“haldi wala milk” means turmeric mixed in milk, is the best drink for immunity. It energizes our body and makes us immune to diseases and infections. We always hate to drink that “haldi wala milk” but mothers are the best who force us to drink that.


6.Methi dana works magically in embarrassing case of gas

Oh, gas is a very embarrassing problem, especially when you are in public. But mothers have a solution to prevent you from embarrassment. So mothers give methi dana i.e. fenugreek seeds to cure this “gas problem”.This proves your Mother Is the Best Doctor in the World . 


7. Mother uses Vicks on your chest during illness so that you can sleep overnight

During cough and cold, we may suffer from sleep problem, but mothers apply Vicks on chest to relieve us from this illness so that we can sleep well at night.


8. In sore throat, Mother’s “Adrak wali chaiye” is a source of relief

Sore throat, we painful problem, can be treated by taking “adrak wali chaiye” means ginger tea. It helps to recover from sore throat. Mother is the only person who makes this tea for you and helps you to recover from this painful illness.This proves your Mother Is the Best Doctor and cook in the World . 


 9. It is the mother only who told you to use salt in case of Nausea

Only mother told us that whenever we have nauseas and feel vomit, take little pinch of salt. This will amazingly help to avoid this vomit feeling.This proves your Mother Is the Best Doctor and cook in the World . 


10.Toothache sucks, but your mother has a solution to use clove to cure toothache

Toothache is a very painful thing, it really sucks. But whenever we have this problem, mother presents the temporary solution i.e. clove. Sometimes, clove works as a permanent treatment of toothache.


All mothers did not go to the university and got education but all mothers are doctors for their child. Many things that we did not learn from educational institutes are taught by mothers. So mothers are the best doctors for children, but it does not mean that you should not got to medical doctor because your Mother Is the Best Doctor in the World  🙂 Care and value your mothers.

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