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8 Things Only an Introvert Would Understand

8 Things Only an Introvert Would Understand

Things Only an Introvert Would Understand : Introverts definitely are born to feel a little disconnected because they love to find themselves in solitude of their rich inner world. And to the world they seem strange because of their behaviour. However being an introvert is not a problem at all. And due to ample amount of articles available on internet, people can recognise and understand their introvert tendencies. And what is misunderstood as interaction problems can actually be accepted gracefully. Introvert is also a category of people and just because they love to be the way they are, does not actually mean that they are boring.

Now let us proceed to learning about some natural tendencies of an introvert. If you can relate yourself with most of them, then you are also an introvert:

1. Don’t enjoy social gatherings and events

As told earlier, introverts love to be in their own inner world. Since they love activities that involve only themselves, they do not understand what to talk or how to talk when so many people are around. It takes a while for others to figure out that it is normal for him/her. Undoubtedly if I saw somebody after a long time I would go and start talking. And if the other person is not as responsive as me or seem uninterested in the conversation, I might freak out feeling stupid. They do appear to be a little moody. But once they become good friends, they would always be comfortable for any talk. It is just a sweet battle of hesitation inside them which prevents them from free interaction, although they themselves might be aware of it. People might call them a “kill joy” for going home early in such gatherings. But it is just an introvert thing!

2. Cannot stand much interactions with an unknown person

Yes! This is another problem they face when it comes to socializing. They are either not comfortable or better say do not feel the need of interacting with people they do not know. Most introverts already grow up with planning their free time alone with activities that suit their interests. In that case it is usual for them not to be very interested.
Another group tends to be more inclined towards online friendship and social media because they get their sweet time to think and form perceptions about the other person and thus decide on friendship through their text conversations, which might seem awkward during real life face to face interactions.

3. They feel underestimated

Most introverts are those who might have a universe of knowledge in their head but they do not speak. Reason is again, by their nature. And since they might lack their ability to express properly, they might be underestimated. It does not mean that they do not speak up at all. If a topic rises on subjects they are interested in, they might speak what others might not know.

4. They cannot work in a team

Comes group activities and projects and the first thought that arises on their mind is, “How am I going to deal with the ideas and opinions of so many people!” It does not mean that they actually cannot work in a team but it means that they love to do work undisturbed. They work better when uninterrupted. They can be good colleagues or co-workers. This definitely won’t hamper that. But they love to stand out with their works and performance. And thus, more comfortable working alone.

5. “Lonely” do not exist in their dictionary

Yes of course! While it may freak others to wonder that there are no plans for the weekend or they might not be able to go home on a vacation this summer, it might actually be a good thing to realise in the case of introverts. A good book/movie/game, a mug of coffee or some favourite food ordered from the restaurant, and their holiday is great. Introverts never count their time alone as being lonely. In fact they do not prefer being in continuous company as it might prevent them from giving enough time to their favourite hobbies.

6. Gets High on Cancelling Group Plans

A news like “the party is cancelled” or “the trip is postponed” makes them go “yeaahhhhhh” and “yiipppeeee…i was hoping and it happened”. They are never empty on plans. In fact it is mostly the introverts who are able to dedicate their time and energy to their passions such as maybe, gardening, music, cooking, reading, writing, etc without interruptions. It is during uninterrupted condition that the human brains cook new, brilliant and innovative ideas.
I guess you might have already starting feeling positive about being an introvert.

7. Have few friends

Introverts go slow in all relationships. They do not believe people in the first place itself. They prefer to have a few BUT deep friendships and relationships. They like to have a few with whom they will share everything. They cannot exist with small talks with every person they know. They need people, but genuine ones to share the loads of thoughts in their head.

8. Prefers to listen

Yeah! Unless necessary or unless it is something that interests them, they prefer to listen, observe and analyse. Often, they are very good in observing things which do not touch the knowledge and thought of normal socially active people.

So if you are an introvert, be positive about yourself. And if your close friend or any family member is an introvert, help them by not questioning them much on being weird at times. They too wish themselves to have been more social at times, but they kind of hesitate. It is an introvert thing again!

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