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Best Places To Study For Technology Degrees

Technology is widely regarded as one of the most popular subjects chosen to study by ambitious students these days and it’s no wonder as with a world that is increasingly technology-driven, online and automated then it’s these type of subjects that are likely to provide a good career. But where are the best places to study for a technology degree? Let’s take a look at some of the best options from around the world and assess what would be the best option for you.

Best Places To Study For Technology Degrees

Best Places To Study For Technology Degrees


Some of the biggest and best-funded colleges are situated in the USA, as it’s the home of silicon valley the epicenter of tech then it’s no surprise that some of the best courses are up for grabs here. The USA has a great heritage of tech and has the highest concentration of specialist technology institutes of any nation in the world giving a clear reason to choose one of its many colleges to study tech in. The big downside is that, especially for the prestigious ones, colleges can charge some of the highest tuition fees in the world.


Many students consider Europe a place to travel to after finishing studying but why not consider actually choosing it as a location to take your studies in? There are some clear advantages to studying in Europe, the tuition fees tend to be much lower than in the USA due to most European governments providing a much higher level of state support to the universities to attract more students and this is true even of foreign students to some degree. The downside is that if unless you are looking at an English speaking college then there will be a challenge in taking classes and completing assignments in a foreign language.


If you are looking at Europe and are too nervous about the language differences above then why not think of the UK, which although is part of Europe, despite leaving the EU, and is obviously an English speaking country. It has some of the oldest universities in the world and has a rich history of higher education going back hundreds of years, take the classic examples of Oxford or Cambridge long considered the two finest universities in the country and therefore the world.


Another option is Canada, with similar courses and universities to the USA but much more affordable it’s a great shout to consider it. It’s an English speaking country with a good strong economy and great colleges with a strong history.

Rest Of The World

There are many other contenders for your studies when looking around the world and especially where technology degrees are concerned. China as in all things has come on in recent decades and is a strong contender as so much of the technology industry has relocated to this side of the world and can be considered a major player in this industry. In fact, the whole of the Asian continent cannot be overlooked, places such as India are also on the rise so make sure you have fully explored all options before you make a decision.

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