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Engineering Branches with Good Job Prospects Abroad

Engineering is a very popular choice among students who have passed 12th Science (Maths group) schooling. It is among one of the most pursued courses after 12th science. In this article, we will be checking out some good branches of engineering, which have immense job scope abroad. Thus, this article will be of help to Indian students who want to build a career abroad. Ultimately, just building a career shouldn’t be the prime motive behind selection of a particular engineering branch. One should give adequate attention to one’s passion and area of interest, while selecting an engineering branch. Let us check out the list-

Areas of engineering with good career prospects abroad

1 Environmental Engineering

This branch of engineering deals with topics such as environmental protection, conservation of ecosystems, use of technology to aid environmental protection etc. Studying about pollution and using technology to bring pollution under control is also an integral part of this area of engineering.

Environmental problems affect mankind and other forms of life on Earth directly. That is why this branch of engineering is getting increased importance these days. In India, this field is slowly emerging. But abroad, the research and development sector associated with this field is highly developed and lucrative! Some tasks taken care of by environmental engineers are- cleaning of oil spills and pollution in Oceans and rivers, designing recycling systems, developing air pollution equipment, developing toxic waste disposal systems etc.

2 Aerospace Engineering

Space research is gaining more popularity in India. Talking about the scene abroad, this field already has developed into a very promising one! Aerospace engineering involves study, design and manufacturing of aircraft, spacecraft, satellites, missiles and rockets.

Qualified Aerospace engineers will be able to find jobs in R&D sector, Aircraft manufacturing firms, Defence equipment manufacturers, Space exploration agencies (SPACEX, NASA etc). When it comes to these industries, the USA and Europe are the frontrunners. Finding a job there would be simpler, with this qualification.

3 Ceramic and Material Engineering

This branch of engineering focuses on study of ceramic and other materials, their strength, uses, basics of metallurgy etc. Ceramic is one such substance that has a wide array of uses. It is even used in high tech industries such as space exploration, robotics and electronics! Similarly most manufacturing industries need material engineers.

4 Core branches of engineering

No matter which part of the World you go to, engineers hailing from the core branches will always be in demand. The core branches of engineering are- Civil, Electrical and Mechanical engineering. These branches are involved in almost all manufacturing and production industries.

Civil engineering graduates are especially in demand in Gulf countries. Mechanical engineers are in demand in Germany. Germany is facing a lack of qualified mechanical engineers at the moment. They are looking at developing countries like India for supply of engineering workforce!

Electrical engineers are in demand because they can turn out to be very versatile, when it comes to job roles. They can take on fields like robotics, computer networks, wireless communication, medical imaging, electronics etc.

5 Petroleum Engineering

The best thing about this branch of engineering is that it is closely tied to the refining industry. And it is a well known fact that engineers working in the refinery sector are well paid! The research and development sector associated with this field is also quite promising.

Those who want to build a career in Gulf countries will find this engineering branch quite handy! This branch deals with topics like finding oil and natural gas resources, excavation of these natural resources, processing and refining it, transportation and storage of the products obtained etc.

6 Nuclear Engineering

Nuclear engineering deals with topics such as nuclear fusion, fission, atomic and sub-atomic particles, nuclear physics etc. The primary aim of this branch is energy production. But it is also used in other fields such as healthcare, weapon manufacturing etc.

The USA and European countries are giving more attention towards nuclear energy. Focus is being laid on increasing the usage of nuclear energy in day to day life. This means that qualified Nuclear engineers and scientists are in huge demand over there. In India, this field is slowly emerging. In the meantime, Indian graduates (in this field) may go abroad and build a career there!

7 Industrial Engineering

This field is all about using and managing workforce, resources (material, energy, information etc), machine etc to manufacture products or provide a service. Most manufacturing firms need qualified industrial engineers to ensure efficient functioning of their production plants.

Germany, Japan, Gulf countries etc are some foreign destinations where Indian graduates may build a career.

8 Agricultural Engineering

Agricultural engineers use engineering technology to improve agricultural productivity and efficient use of biological resources. In India, the state of this field is not too promising! But abroad, the scope is better, job prospects are better! Agriculture is one such field that affects mankind directly. Global population is increasing very fast. Demand for food will increase by many folds in the near future. Under such circumstances the responsibility will be on agricultural engineers to come up with solutions.

In countries like the UK, the USA, the Netherlands and other European countries, there are lucrative careers available in R&D sector associated with the field of agriculture.

9 Geological Engineering

Earlier, this branch of engineering was part of Civil engineering. But it has emerged to become a field of specialization now. Primarily, this field is about the use of geological knowledge to aid in civil construction activities such as- designing foundations for buildings, bridges and other such manmade structures.

10 Computer Engineering

Time and again, we get to hear about a high profile recruitment of an Indian Computer engineering graduate by a Silicon Valley biggie! Well, Indian computer engineers are valued by tech firms in the USA. The quality of the institute from which the graduate passes out plays a huge role in the recruitment though! But the fact is that there exists many other startups and tech firms belonging to tier 2, who are also keen to recruit skilled Indian computer engineering graduates (who are skilled and capable).

Those were some engineering branches that managed to get into my list! They are job oriented and have decent job scope abroad. If building a career abroad is a priority of yours, do select one of the engineering fields mentioned above.

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