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English is no more a language spoken by the Englishman only. It has become the common language of the millions of people in the world. For trade and commerce, intercultural communication, tourism, etc everywhere it is the most common language. Thus it has become mandatory to learn this language for better communication and social mobility. In spite of English clashing with our national language or mother languages, we still need yo learn English as the most prior language. It has now become penetrated into the society very deeply.

Even the vernacular medium schools have introduced English in their curriculum as a mandatory subject. It has become a very important matter to take care of. Because being able to speak proper English opens the door of the student into many good jobs later in life. After all proper communication skill is very much required if the job is to deal with many people.


However English has become a medium to flaunt sophistication for some section of people. And that is why other people too wish themselves or their children to be able to speak English as the Englishman do. And there arises the concept of sending their children to English medium school. Parents do not bother if they have to compromise their family income for other needs. All they want is their children should study at the best possible school available to them. Due to this attitude so many big and small English medium schools are mushrooming all around. Everyone can relate to this fact. There are so many such new schools popping up from somewhere having glamorous names or at the name of some English saints . Some of these are just earning a large amount of money by selling forms.

Though in our country there are so many languages but still unofficially English is the most common medium of communication between different states.

There is a notion among people that students who can speak better English are more obvious to do good at competition in national or international level. But one thing that is important to think is that, how much we are knowing our own mother language properly. The loophole in the mentality is also seen when some parents boast that their children cannot speak their own language but knows English perfectly. Young generation having similar mentality might speak in English in their own way. Some may speak incorrect English or some may speak in Indian language with a lots of words substituted in English.

Learning a language is admirable and English is indispensable to the system as a whole. But we should know our own language properly too. It is shameful to look down at our own languages.

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