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Organ Donation : Make Someone’s Live

Organ Donation : Make Someone’s Live

Organ donation is a process that involves donation of organ or a part of the organ from a living or dead person to a living recipient who needs transplantation. It is about giving life to another human being. Organ transplantation is a very important discovery and medical miracle which have given hopes for survival of people suffering from dire diseases. It is a lifesaving therapy that is successful due to great scientific research, doctors and thousands of those donors.

Organ Donation : Make Someone's Live

However the demand and supply are not equal. Many people die waiting for a suitable donor due to unawareness and restrictive laws. In India, Human organ transplant act 1994 was formulated in order to decrease this disparity. But still the shortage of organs still exists. Based on concept of self-giving all organ donations may be permitted only when they represent altruistic act, meaning no financial incentives are associated with that.

A debated ethical dilemma is whether it is justifiable to shorten the life of a person in order to improve the life of another one. According to a rule, the donor has to be dead. The transplantation must not cause or hasten death.

Educational campaigns to increase organ donation and transplantation should consider correction of people’s false beliefs and promotion of public information and clear discussion about what is involved in organ donation and transplantation. Some people fear of donating organs and most people don’t know. And some denial of organ donation occur due to discomfiture of the relatives in allowing organ donation of the deceased.

It’s such a noble act and therefore all sections of the society should support this highly valued issue. Though donation should be encouraged but sale of organs is a different issue that needs strict laws and investigation. It must be forbidden completely. Donation is a responsible choice and it must be made when the donor is well informed, willing.

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