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Friendship Essay

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The essence of friendship cannot be explained in words. It is beyond that feeling of getting pocket money or free ice creams. The times you spend with your friends are golden memories that nobody can forget. Every second spend with them is worth it. We all have those memories we look back and laugh now. And every memory has a friend who has changed your life in one way or another.

 You collect little pearls called friends on your journey to future.

Friendship has a huge impact on us. It can be positive or negative. It depends on our friends circle and how we behave with the people around. A good company is always healthy. With sympathy and understanding, life becomes a happier place to live in. your good mates know that you need help even without telling them. They make sure that you stay in the right path and ensure that you are supported in every means.  Positive impacts include helping one other out and giving right advices. Like all good things in the world, friendship too has its negative impacts. Falling into the wrong company can put ones life at risk. It may lead to a new addiction to drugs, alcohol and even monstrous telling lies due to the presence of such friends. This is when things can get spin out of control. We destroy our lives and the ones around by such company. It is up to us to decide what to choose for the goodness of oneself.

When loneliness engulfs us, a good company always enlightens the day. Maybe you had a bad day, but a minute talk with your friend is going to freshen things up. Friendship brings in love and joy to our lives. Even the stars in the galaxies cannot match to the magic you share with your friends. The sudden sparks of empathy you feel amongst your mates keep your networks alive. Even your bodily system becomes active under the positive action of your friends.

Wikipedia defines friendship as, “A relationship of mutual affection between two or more people.” This affection helps us to climb mountains we thought would be impossible. When you set sail on this beautiful journey, even the things you thought you couldn’t be will be piece of cake for you. You have the duty to help them when they are lost too. You get the uneasy feeling when you are far away from them, shows that they are already a part of your soul. You never become bored of one others company but look forward to meet them every singe day. Maybe you and your mates fight over certain things but you can’t stay annoyed for long with them. Maybe lasting for a day, you are laughing along with them again.

When was the last time you called your old friend up?

When was the last time you guys hung out?

Call them. Rejoice the little thing called FRIENDSHIP.

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