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How I Spent My Last Sunday : Essay, IELTS Cue Card, Speech, Paragraph

How I Spent My Last Sunday : Essay, IELTS Cue Card, Speech, Paragraph

How Did You Spent Your Last Weekend?

How I Spent My last Sunday : Essay, IELTS Cue Card, Speech, Paragraph : Time waits for no one. It slips like sand from your hand. But why time sits till for me this week? It’s really a monotonous week and all I am waiting for is Sunday. No, no big plans! But all I want to do is cuddle up in bed, be lazy and sleep so that I can get my mind off from few hectic things. My college life is going just normal. Lectures, assignments, work, tensed placement talks, career confusion…. oh God! Sometimes I wish I could run to a far off place and spend some peaceful time and be happy.

How I Spent My Last Sunday : Essay, IELTS Cue Card, Speech, Paragraph

How I Spend My Last Sunday ?

How I Spend My Last Sunday ?

Well, but that’s not going to happen. No fairy tales come true. Does it? I have got some friends whom I am dying to meet but they are all mad at me for not seeing them often. How to tell them that I miss them a lot but have no social skills. Thinking all this, I decided to finish my college work in this Saturday night only as I was in no mood to do it tomorrow that is Sunday. Late night I slept with only one thought that the next day is Sunday when I can sleep more.
Being a sleepy head I woke late morning. The day was bright and sunny. Of course my mother was red faced as I woke late. So taking no chance, I got fresh and helped my mother in the kitchen lightening her mood with my jokes.

How You Had Spent Your Last Sunday ?

Breakfast was served and we ate and watched television. Had nothing to watch on television, I jumped to my all time favourite screen, my laptop. I love watching movies, so quickly I glanced through the movie section and started watching one. Till I finished it was lunch time. I had lunch with my family and then I wondered what to do next. I decided to call my friends and ask them to meet as it would turn their angry face to a happy one. As I picked my cell phone the door bell rang. I opened the door, and my two friends barged in taking me by surprise. All of a sudden the room was filled with joy and excitement. They hugged me and ordered me to get ready fast as we are going out. Oh yes! I wanted this only.Girls out on Sunday! After some snacks and chat we left. On our way, we astonished one of our friends and picked her too. The girls’ gang is finally complete. We all headed for the Sunday fun-fair which was the talk of the town from past few days. We all spent hours roaming, chatting, teasing each other and bonding. The fair was well organised with handicrafts, food, games, music, fun areas and crowded place. The highlight was the guest arrival of a band show which was about to start. We all sang and danced to the tunes. Time passed by, and soon we headed to our homes. Returning home, I felt cherished and filled with joy on our bonding.

As I returned home, to my surprise, I saw my brother who had arrived from Bangalore after a long time. I was clueless about his arrival and equally happy. To celebrate his arrival, my father decided to take us out for movie and dinner. While watching a movie followed by dinner we laughed, talked shared memories and spent enough family time. Returning home my brother and I talked and shared about several things.

A Day I had Spent With My Family

With sleep almost taking over me, I realised this Sunday was one of the best days as two important things in my life occurred today i.e. my friends and my family. What day would get better without the day spent with your loved ones? I really don’t need big parties or big plans. What matter to me is cherishing the moment spent with my loved ones. After all, happiness is this only, isn’t it!

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