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Importance of Physical Education Essay, Speech, Composition

Essay on Physical Education

Physical education is an educational course related to the physique of the human body which is popular among school-going students as P.E. or P.T. which means physical training. It is a part of the curriculum of primary and secondary education and it is not a lesser-known fact that it never was taken seriously as all you get is a grade which doesn’t count but later when it’s too late we realize how health is just a serious matter as marks are.

“Good Things Come To Those Who Sweat.”

Importance of Physical Education

In a world full of mechanism and technology the human resource requirement has reduced to a large extent and when recruited, the job or work profile requires brainstorming more than it requires physical work. We badly need physical education if we look at our lifestyle. Physical exercise is very much needed to keep our blood circulating and for core strength as well. Our lifestyle is more of like living like a couch potato which may result in obesity, getting fatigued, frequent muscle pain, and also extreme agony while doing physical work after a long time. We need fresh air and also we need to take a break from the monotonous life and get some time for ourselves. Physical exercise or a walk shall help us to lead a healthy life.

Importance of Physical Education

Types Of Physical Education

There are four basic types of physical activities which are aerobics, muscle strengthening, bone strengthening, and stretching. Each of these has its own benefit. Aerobics is more of a fun exercise that deals with the movement of arms and legs. Aerobics is almost done regularly by us which includes walking, running, and everything else which moves arms and legs. Muscle-strengthening as the name suggests has everything to do with muscles and core strength. It includes particular exercises which strengthen the muscles, fastens metabolism, increases one’s stamina, and bring greater endurance with it. Muscle strengthening includes yoga.

Bone strengthening exercises are those which include weight-bearing and all sorts of exercise which test our resistance. Bone strengthening can be done through various sports like tennis, golf, tango, etc. Regular exercising can also help in strengthening the bones. Stretching is flexing a particular body part for better blood circulation and better motion of that body part. It is done after some tiresome work, before heavy exercise, before doing tasks that you might not have done for long, or before doing any kind of job that requires strength and movement of your body for prolonged hours.

Why Physical Education is Mandatory?

Physical activities, of course, aren’t mandatory but as we know the time demands more physical education and activities for a healthier lifestyle otherwise the day is not far when in the youngest of age people shall face problems of muscle and joint pain, obesity, getting fatigued in a job of few hours. It has therefore become necessary for us to adapt physical education in our daily life to turn ourselves as enthusiastic, energetic, and lively as we should be.

It is not for just one particular generation or the school-going kids but for each and every individual to understand the importance of physical education. A healthy life is a must before anything else. We breathe polluted air and eat junk food in lots and to compensate that we need to adapt physical education for our well being. Our brains shall function well when the body supports in that direction and for that physical activities should be carried on a daily basis.

“Being Healthy Is Not A Trend But A Lifestyle.”

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