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KOHO Prepaid Credit Card Review: Regular Vs. Premium

KOHO Prepaid Credit Card Review

KOHO Review: Being a rational human being how one could deny extra cashback? Yes, KOHO Prepaid Visa has developed a Premium benefit to the customers by the worth of 2% cashback on their purchases. It is one of the best student credit card in canada.

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Isn’t this delightful? This article will walk you through the objectives, advantages, as well as disadvantages of the KOHO Prepaid Visa Premium, also devised variants between regular & premium.

For all of it and more read the article till the end!

KOHO Review – KOHO Prepaid Visa Card Review

KOHO is a Canada-based enterprise and it is a blend of various financial services under the collaboration of People’s Trust to which Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation is intended to ensure the trust with insurance at the time of emergency. It was established in the year 2014 by Daniel Eberhard as KOHO Financial Inc.

KOHO Review KOHO Prepaid VISA Credit Card Review

KOHO Visa Card enables the customers to make their payments or purchases just as a credit card but instead of charging interest the card rewards you with a cashback of 0.5% to 2.0%. It basically acts like a chequing account that reloads the amount into the customers’ accounts rendering unique benefits under three types of pricing plans.

Features – KOHO Visa Card (KOHO Prepaid Credit Card)

Advancing Limits & Reload options

  • A maximum limit for load and deposits is 20x on daily basis and 60x monthly basis.
  • It also includes transfers through electronic and direct deposits as well.
  • The maximum deposit amount is $10,000 on daily basis and $40,000 monthly basis.

Disposal/Spend and Withdrawal Limits

  • The maximum limit for one user to spend is $3000 on daily basis and $30000 monthly basis.
  •  Possibility of only 15 transactions per day.
  • The maximum limit for one user to withdraw in any kind is $300.

KOHO Savings Interests

  • KOHO offers a 1.2% interest rate on savings deposited by the customers.
  • It also charges zero fees.

Approval Period

  • KOHO takes only 10 days for the approval of credit cards.

Premium V/S Regular – KOHO Credit Card Review

KOHO Regular Visa Review

Basically, it is the primary plan through which a customer commences uplifting the related benefits of the KOHO Visa Regular Card. Following are the features of the regular plan:

  • KOHO provides free service to the customers enrolled under the plan.
  • It charges zero cost to the customers for opening an account including a card.
  • It facilitates the customers to collect the scattered savings in one place.
  • The institution is known for its cashback rewards to the customers of 0.50% on particular purchases.
  • The customers will also have the potential to lock his/her card in the KOHO application.

KOHO Premium Card Review

It is a superior plan among the other two with the exchange of money on a monthly/yearly basis as it facilitates huge benefits such as:

  • KOHO charges $84 per year/ $9 per month to enable access to a premium account.
  • Additionally, it also provides 30-day free trial for the freshers.
  • It rewards a cashback of 2% on transportation, groceries & restaurants.
  • It provides assistance of financial coaching for free to the customers.
  • It allows international ATM withdrawal monthly once for free of cost.
  • In addition to which it also has a feature called price matching.

The Joint Plan

Koho Review | Koho Prepaid Visa Card Review

It is one of the core plans as it enables the customers to open a joint account and uplift all the benefits similar most to the basic plan such as

  • It rewards a cashback of 0.5% on all the purchases
  • It also enables them to share their finances easily among the partners.
  • Simultaneously, collaborative saving targets.
  • Instant updates in the form of notifications when any of the partners spend.

KOHO Eligibility & Application Criteria:

In order to get enrolled in any of the above mentioned all you need to do is just go along with the following steps that include eligibility information and application process:

Step 1: Visit the KOHO website and open an account by entering your email ID and password.

Step 2: Choose any color for your card from the color scheme.

Step 3: You will be asked to enter your personal information such as name, address, workplace, and others.

Step 4: Make sure to confirm your mail address as the card will be sent accordingly.

Step 5: In order to install and set up a KOHO account follow the link provided through your mail.

Conclusion – KOHO Review

The article has covered the commencement and creative plans of KOHO Financial Services. It has also focused on various features of the three plans in particular. Above all, it has also portrayed a clear picture of the KOHO Visa Card by listing its key features. The article got concluded with eligibility before you apply and also the necessary steps to apply.

If you are the one who had great experiences with KOHO & KOHO Visa Card services please do share them in the comment box below!


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Koho Review Summary

KOHO Visa Credit Card enables the customers to make their payments or purchases just as a credit card but instead of charging interest the card rewards you with a cashback of 0.5% to 2.0%.

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