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MogoMoney Review: Get Personal Loan Approved in 3 Minutes*

MogoMoney Review– Do you know to get your loan approved in 3-minute minutes*? Simultaneously, it is also important to learn various diagonals of such financial organization which is granting loans as accurately as possible.

MogoMoney is one such fintech company that provides unsecured loans which are flexible in nature and could get approved within a span of 3 minutes. Following is the article that brings awareness on various benefits and drawbacks of MogoMoney including the special features.

MogoMoney Review

MogoMoney Review: Get Personal Loan Approved in 3 Minutes*

What made Mogo so Unique?

MogoMoney is a financial technology company that evolved in a unique way in terms of money management. It renders services sustainably considering the health & status of society, planet, and finance respectively. It holds around 1.6 M+ Canadians as customers and is counting till the date. MogoMoney is standing as a reference to personal loans as well as credit products. Mogo technology administers various services in the long run such as granting loans, free credit score, bitcoin, mortgage services, wealth development, and many more.

  • Grants personal loans
  • Provides a platform to access free credit score
  • Enables for Investments in Bitcoin
  • Supports in savings and developing wealth
  •  Planet-friendly Mogo card
  • Facilitates ultimate privacy & protection

Why Choose Mogomoney?

Mogo is providing unsecured loans which are flexible in terms of interest rates as well as in advancing loans.

Providing a maximum loan amount of $35000 including pre-approving policy within a span of 3-minutes. Admitting favorable fixed interest rates from a minimum of 9.9% to 47.42%. A minimum loan amount is $500 to $3500. It endures both from a short-term period loan of 6 months to a long-term period loan of 60 months. Appreciatively, Mogo loans are offered with
a NO-Security deposit in exchange.

Mogomini provides availability of credit products in particular to the residents of AB, BC, ON, MB, NB, NL, PE & NS.   

MogoMoney Pros

Loan Flexibility

  • Borrowers are owed the potential to repay the loan amount at any period of time.

Free- Three’s

  • Irrespective of the customer is holding any kind of loan he/she is facilitated with various complimentary such as:

100-Day Test Drive

  • Borrowers will have the potential to borrow the loan for a trial period of 100 days.
  • If the borrower is not pleased in any kind, he/she is independent to repay the loan amount only before the trial period. ends.
  • Also receives the incurred interest amount, taxes, or fees

Distinctive Terms & Interest Rates

  • Customers can borrow a loan between $300 – $3500
  • Based on the credit score, the borrower is allocated with the interest rates accordingly.
  • Interest may vary between 9.9% to 47.42%.

MogoMoney Application Criteria

Ahead to apply for a Mogo loan it is mandatory that one user/borrower should be eligible for the following criteria:


It is the significant one among the eligibilities that the user must be a resident of Canada. A fact is that even though the people of Saskatchewan and Quebec
are residents of Canada they cannot undertake loans because Mogo loan is not open at previously mentioned locations.

Credit Scores:

The credit scores in MogoMoney play an important in the allocation of interest rates from person to person. Basically, the poorer the score is the higher the rate and vice versa.

Credit Profile:

It is advisable that the credit profile of a borrower should be decent as it acts as the basis for the management in evaluating the rate of interest. 

Subsequently, if you are eligible in all the above categories firstly, create a free account in order to appear for a personal loan. Secondly, the borrower will be encountered with a set of questions to which he/she should be answerable. Accordingly, the borrower will be attested with a response in 3 minutes. Lastly, to complete the application process the following necessities are significant:

  • $13000 as minimum net income annually
  • A minimum of 30 days as of steady employment
  • Verification of Bank Account
  • Government-issued ID – Soft copy
  • Age of the majority under their particular province

MogoMoney Downfalls

Mogo lacks effective customer services based on the reviews of customers/users.

  • Inaccessibility on third-party loans in respect to the 100-day trial.
  • Interest rates tend to be irrational as the maximum rate exceeds 40%.
  • Mogo services are narrowly available at limited locations in Canada.

Conclusion – Mogomoney Review

MogoMoney is one such fintech company that provides unsecured loans which are flexible in nature and could get approved within a span of 3 minutes. In addition, to get a loan, you can monitor your credit for free and you can have your Mogo Card.

*Terms & Conditions Apply

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is MOGOMONEY legit?
    Yes, Mogomoney is a Legal and trusted company.
  2. What are Mogomoney Contact Details?
    Live chat support is currently only offered for:
    Mogomoney Loan application processing Monday – Saturday: 9 AM-5:30 PM EST
  3. Can I pay my loan off early?
    Yes, You can Pay off your loan anytime.

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