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Paragraph on Censorship in movies | Article About Censorship in Movies

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Censorship refers to cutting or modifying scenes which are provoking to the general public based on any sensitive grounds such as religion, caste and community, or other issues such as vulgarity, showcasing of any objectionable character, etc. India is a Democratic country and there are so many castes and communities in India. And the country’s thinking and values differ at different places. So based on this, what might be sarcastic for one maybe offensive for another. This might lead people to raise voice against the film makes, create disturbance by breaking into theatres and what not. So censorship is necessary to smoothen this. Things must be carefully cut so that it does not hurt anybody’s sentiment. And also, a director and all people related to a particular movie have a vision. Films are mirrors to a society. Unless they come up with a very outlandish story, most of the inspirations are drawn from daily life itself. Or they might get inspiration from their own experiences too. So when they try to project these reality in a story, they must be given a proper freedom too. Sometimes censoring is like hammering on their creativity too.

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Let us look in details about this topic. There are movies which do well without putting any unnecessary spices such as sexually offensive materials, any objectionable depiction of a person, etc. These are family movies and the motive is family entertainment itself. Movies such as Piku, 3 idiots, etc. are of these categories. Now India’s film industry is trying to compete on international standards too. And for that the film makers are trying to think and produce something out of the box type movies also. Nowadays movie do not do good without a very good story and good visuals. So seeing the director’s vision, it is prevalent to put ban on a particular scene or a particular movie. A movie whose protagonist is itself not meant for family entertainment, there is no use of putting ban on its scenes. There are categories of movies. Action, thriller, family, comedy, etc. all are having their respective audiences. Censorship must be done only for things which are really removable without affecting the director’s vision. And ban must also be done only for movies which can really raise a societal imbalance or something which is really unworthy.

It is sad that while censor board sees some points while passing on the permission to release a movie after cutting some scenes, there are still some points which it do not consider. I still remember once seeing on television a school girl dancing to Vidya Balan’s song ‘Olala’, replicating her costume and moves. The news was shown as a concern because it was a school function going on and she was dancing to that song. So if censorship do not allow extended kissing scenes, some action scenes, abusive languages, etc. then why does it allow item songs? Nowadays item songs are respected a little more than before because even some top Bollywood actresses dances to it. Infect it becomes an achievement because after an item song is hit, it boosts their popularity. In my view ban must be really done on those insipid lyrics and dance sequences of item songs.

When talking about a romantic movie, though not completely necessary to show lovers getting cozy, but some story needs such an emotional scene. Some falls relevantly to the story shown. So that is not objectionable at all. But these must not be allowed in case of movies where it does not fit appropriately but it is put simply for some spice.

Directors are heading more for realistic stories and so censorship has to play a vital role in filtering things carefully. Days are not like before and so movies are sure to change as they are a mirror to the society.

And even if scenes might be cut from a movie but those are already available on the internet from where anybody can download. So cutting from theatre version is not enough. If something is worth cutting, it must be banned totally and removed from open platform.

And children are already much mature then before so there is no use treating them like they do not know anything. It is the parents who need to decide whether they want to take their children with them because taking them while going to watch a romantic movie or any thriller movie will surely embarrass them because of at least one such scene.

And while showing on television, instead of beeping at the midst of a dialogue, better not to show the scene itself. Because when a child know that something is hidden, he will be more curious to know about it.

Overall, censor board have a great role to play in a country like India. But it has to act appropriately.

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