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Punctuality : Meaning, Importance, Need, How to Become Punctual ?

Punctuality : Meaning, Importance, Need, Essay, Speech

Meaning of Punctuality

Punctuality or being punctual is a character trait of an individual where they do what they are supposed to do on time, i.e. they do the right work at the right time without having to offer any excuse for not being able to finish a particular work on time.

The Need or Importance of Punctuality

Punctuality plays a major role in every step of an individual’s life. Students need to submit their work or complete their assignments on time, employees need to finish up their projects on time etc. Thus not being punctual or not finishing off their work on time would have dire consequences for themselves or in case of an employee, the company he works for as well.

Punctuality : Meaning, Importance, Need, Essay, Speech

Punctuality : Meaning, Importance, Need, Essay, Speech

Need Of Punctuality

Being Punctual strengthens and reveals your integrity

When an individual is punctual in everything that they do, it shows the interest and dedication that they have towards that particular work. Others impression about you improves. If you ask someone to meet you at 8 but you show up at 8:15 it shows that meeting that person is not very important and that you have taken that meeting too lightly.

Being punctual shows that you are dependable

when you are punctual, it shows others that you are dependable and that they can trust you with important work. This is a very important factor while in an office where a lot of group work needs to be done and mutual trust and dependence is very important.

Being punctual helps in maintaining a discipline

Always being punctual in everything that one does will help him/her maintain a discipline.

Being punctual also shows the ability of an individual to organize and prioritise things

to be punctual, an individual has to prioritize and put things into an order so that he may finish off all the work in a timely manner.

Being punctual shows your respect for others

Being punctual also shows that you respect others time as well. Others too may have important things to attend to after meeting with you and if you are not punctual they may be late for their other meeting as well which is unfair to them as they were not the reason for them being late.

Being late may affect your professional career

As most of the work that is done in the office is time bound and requires it to be done before a particular time limit as a lot is on the line for the company. It may harm a company’s goodwill if its employees are known to be tardy and irresponsible.

How can an individual be punctual?

  1. By making a list of all the important things that an individual needs to get done or people that he needs to meet, schedule them appropriately.
  2. By reaching around 15-20 minutes earlier that the scheduled time. This leaves time in case any unforeseen event occurs which may make you late.
  3. Prepare things a night before such as your clothes, mobile phone etc. ready beforehand so that time is not wasted the next day trying to find all the things.
  4. Learn to prioritize things on the basis of their importance.
  5. Plan how long a task takes to be finished.
  6. Always keep a watch handy with you.
  7. Get up the second the alarm goes off and never hit the snooze button.

Thus there are many reasons why you should always be punctual to save yourself a lot of time and also the time of others.

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