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Teacher’s Day Essay , Speech , Importance , Paragraph

Teacher’s Day Essay , Speech , Importance , Paragraph

Why Teacher’s Day Celebrated ?

In India every year we celebrate 5th September as teacher’s day. It is the birthdate of our 2nd president Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.

On that day we whole school is decorated and students wish their teachers happy teachers day.

Teacher's Day : Essay , Speech , Importance , Paragraph

Teachers Day : Essay , Speech , Importance , Paragraph

Importance of Teachers Day

Teachers are the base of society they teach every new child how to live end give good notes. Teachers not only give bookish knowledge they so gives the knowledge about how to live end how to behave they’re main producers of we citizen.

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In old days also teachers have great importance we can see in Mahabharata and where Eklavya has given his thumb to his teacher even though he had not tought him. But he meant him as his teacher and got knowledge from him.

Importance Of Teacher Essay , Article , Speech [My Favorite Teacher]

teacher play very important roe on the crating base for society if teacher are good then he teaches his students to be good and always follow the rules don’t hurt anyone but if teachers lost his mind and teaches bad things than he can Crete large disturbance and that’s why terrorist are made.

But in India on this day student play the role of their favorite teacher and teaches the student and also there is function for the teacher the school they greet them and some competition so there students and teachers fury enjoy this day and share their view there is very pleasant atmosphere on that day in school no homework no study only fun.


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