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Value Of Books : Essay, Speech, Article, Paragraph, Note

Value Of Books :  Essay, Speech, Article, Paragraph, Note

Essay on Books

Books play a significant role in our existence. Books are our friends in true sense. “No complaints, No Demands” as it is known by all. They also give us ample of delight and a reader might get addicted to them. We get to learn a lot from them as well. They take us to a whole different planet of imagination and visualization.

Value Of Books : Essay, Speech, Article, Paragraph, Note

Value Of Books : Essay, Speech, Article, Paragraph, Note

Books cheer us up when we are defeated. They motivate us to work hard with optimism and courage. They eliminate our unawareness and add to our understanding and knowledge. Books augment our experience and sharpen our intellectual power. Thus a good book is indeed our true friend.

Why To Read Good Books ?

We should develop a healthy habit of reading books and the books we read should bring some moral to us. We must select the books cautiously as these are capable of either developing or ruining our personality. Reading good books has many advantages and have a lot do to with our individuality. Bad books spoil our character and develop unhealthy habits in us. We should make children and youngsters to read good books as they are the future of the country. They should work upon the lessons they discover from such books. A good book is a ‘friend, a truth-seeker and a guide’.

Speech On Importance of Books

Everyone needs a little pleasure in life every now and then. We can get delight from various things. Sports, games (Read Article On Sports and Games) and movies are some to add entertainment in our lives. But according to me, reading books gives us the real pleasure of life. When we read a good book, we find ourselves in an imaginary world, a book which is written nicely and very briefly makes us feel that we are actually present in the scene mentioned there, we just forget ourselves. We do not remember the troubles and anxieties of the world. We are sent into a land of beauty, imagination and bliss. Hence, books are the starting place of the utmost pleasure in life.

Why Books Are Our Best Friends ?

A well-read man is cherished by all. He is a power-house of information. He knows something of everything. A well read man can be very good talker as he has an ideology about the topic and would like to share it with the world. He shows his significance at a social function. Thus, we do not sense dullness and boredom around such people.

Books are of diverse kinds. Some books deal with topics of general life and nature. Everybody likes to read those books as they are easy to understand and touch some light issues. Some books are printed for a particular set of readers. A common reader likes to read books of general nature and other common topics. They give us knowledge and pleasure.

Conclusion on Value Of Books

Good books build up in us numerous qualities. A man of broad reading is a man of traditions. Books make our life happy. Only a genuine reader of good books knows what divine satisfaction he gets from reading books. Good books develop our standard of living and improve our ideologies. They tone up our logical taste and make our point of view broad. They soothe us when we feel low and depressed.

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