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Why Consider Staffing With Passport USA?

A primary goal within the USA is to reestablish the healthcare industry back to a thriving population of workers. The industry’s current state is one of extreme shortages in every position, most notably among nursing and physicians.

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While most medical facilities are turning to healthcare staffing agencies to find top talent with the potential for longevity, others have begun looking globally with leaders in the international staffing market like Passport USA, a specialty organization.

The firm is noted for matching the ideal medical staff member with the US facility, given the criteria to meet the projected demand. That is estimated to exceed the supply available in this country for all open medical positions within the next decade.

Medical practices and hospitals are struggling not only to find adequate talent but also to hold onto the quality, qualified staff members to keep their facilities functioning currently. Why should more medical organizations look into the idea of recruiting international team members? Let’s look at a few of the benefits.

Why Consider An International Healthcare Team For Your Facility

Passport USA works with medical facilities throughout the United States to assist in matching talent from abroad to healthcare practices and hospitals suffering extreme shortages in personnel. Learn about the healthcare shortages in the US at

The demand for professionals and nonclinical staff is growing to dire conditions. Leaders in international staffing like Passport USA are among those with the capacity to overcome the shortages with efficient, effective talent looking for positions offering longevity.

The benefits of a medical facility in hiring an international healthcare team will include:

  • A long-term solution

Many healthcare workers in today’s market prefer to avoid the full-time, regimented schedule in favor of a temporary or per diem position, even travel staffing.

When looking at the global market, healthcare workers worldwide want to settle into a routine, “establish roots,” and become a part of a community where they live and work.

Usually, if an employee finds themself a welcome addition with good working conditions, the recruit will display a strong sense of loyalty to their new employer. That allows the facility to establish a team of “direct or contract-hire” quality workers that will remain on staff for the long term.

  • Patient satisfaction is significantly improved

The number one goal in every healthcare organization is to achieve optimum patient satisfaction. When there’s high turnover among the staff, patients become uneasy because this means the professionals and the nonclinical personnel don’t know them. The team must learn who they are and their circumstances to care for them properly.

If that happens consistently, the patient loses faith in the facility as a whole, choosing to look for an organization that doesn’t have this concern. In the industry today, that’s very challenging to find. This is why many medical practices and hospitals are highlighting agencies like Passport USA.

Once an adequate staff is matched to a medical organization by Passport USA, patient satisfaction increases because employee retention improves. A patient likes seeing the same faces, becoming familiar with the staff, and growing comfortable with the facility. Longevity among the workers allows for that.

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  • Diversity allows patient comfortability

The population within the United States is growing to be much more diverse. The medical community partnering with global marketing agencies to seek staff members for their medical organizations only makes sense in order to bring comfortability to their healthcare facilities for all people.

When patients feel they can relate to the team, they will be more forthcoming with the issues plaguing them, and the professionals will be better armed to help with their care.

Final Thought

The healthcare worker shortages that are befalling the medical industry in the United States are genuinely not something new since the health crisis suffered worldwide.

That did not help the situation, but it has been a problem within the country for decades. No one knows the answers to resolve the issues once and for all truly. One part that can “put a bandaid” on it, for the time being, is to hire international professionals to fill some of the vacancies.

One of the problems the country is seeing is that the “baby boomers,” including much medical personnel, are at the age of retirement. Plus, there is an extreme influx of patients due to the “Affordable Care Act,” making healthcare more accessible to millions of people who were not eligible before.

While the healthcare industry is seeing a debate among people suggesting organizations should keep the recruitment within the confines of the United States.

There are pros and cons to every debate. Still, currently, the only constant is a need for quality, qualified patient care teams; however, they need to be formed for the optimum satisfaction, safety, and comfortability of the patient.

That’s the goal of organizations like Passport USA and other staffing firms, and it should genuinely be everyone’s passion.

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