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A Rainy Day : Essay , Article , Que Card , Speech , Paragraph

A Rainy Day : Essay , Article , Que Card , Speech , Paragraph

Essay on A Rainy Day

A Rainy Day IELTS Cue Card

– Which Day That Was ?
– How you had Enjoyed it ?
– How you were feeling ?

It was a Monday morning. But there was a grey background all across the horizon unlike the bright warm luminous mornings that I was used to seeing in summer. Well, the black clouds heralded rain. This would be a big relief ! A rainy day would bring about some help from the sweltering heat of summer as well as it was revitalizing to experience a rainy day on a Monday morning. I was already on my way to school when there began an intense and heavy shower.

A Rainy Day : Essay , Article , Que Card , Speech , Paragraph

It began raining cats and dogs and I could see a row of vehicles as well as mine caught in a traffic jam. It was rejuvenating to feel the fresh breeze and experience an alteration in the weather conditions. Nature seemed to have come alive with the rain drops falling incessantly from the sky. The unsullied whiff of rain was simply alluring. Whilst in my car waiting for the traffic lights to turn green, I could see people scampering about with umbrellas and raincoats. My father had gifted me a new umbrella [ Click Here to Buy Fashionable Umbrellas ] which I was carrying beside me. I knew I would be delayed for school, but a rainy day was immunity. I just anticipated about the amount of enjoyment I would have in school.

At last I reached the school gates half an hour behind the scheduled time. There was a short attendance at school; so we had constant free classes. Our teachers told us that we could do what on earth we wanted to but obviously be in discipline. ‘Bravo!’ We all exclaimed, ‘No studies today’. I chatted a great deal with my friends and occupied ourselves by playing a good number of games. The time went by very fast and we got to know its lunch time already. All through the break time I took my chance to get a little damp in the rain. As we were forbidden to go in playground outside I tried and was successful in escaping the school campus without any teacher or staff’s knowledge but came back before I get in huge trouble. It was an immensely enjoyable experience. The leaves of the trees and plants in the school building had lost their dusty look and were wearing a sparkling emerald green color. The horizon had its own stroke of attractiveness when I looked out from the windowpane of our classroom.

School got over in the early hours that day. There was a tad of inconvenience as well. My mother arrived to pick me up. It was still drizzling. There was water logging across the city and I enjoyed myself hopping and splattering around in the rain water. It took us a good one hour to get to our home. There was some hot lunch arranged by my mother. I was really delighted by it. The incredible experience of that rainy day has an eternal impression on my mind. It took me back to a line in a poem which reads ‘the rain the welcome rain’.


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