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Fashion is a term which means ‘an ongoing trend ‘. It refers to how people dress and what kind of external getup most people think is making them look stylish, up-to-date and sophisticated. While etiquettes and manner also somehow comes into the count but it comparatively more superficial and dynamic. It changes with winds of time very fast. This can be seen from the vast difference between how people used to dress before and now. Films are the mirror to the society. And therefore is comparison is seen live by comparing how the actors used to dress before and now.

Tinsel town celebrities have always been the trend setters to the common people. People, especially the girls always are inclined towards one or more actresses because of how they look and they also want to look the same. More or less everyone have a fashion idol.

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Fashion used to be very different in metros and small towns in earlier days. But now the difference have gone down to a great extent due to many reasons. First if all the demand of online shopping malls have increased. Shopping sites such as jabong, snapdeal ,myntra, my fashion hub etc. does the work of delivering fashion at the doorstep. These websites run all over the country and they are available at most of the pin codes. And since the girls wear all kinds of clothes, now those fashions have come into the real market too. The growth of social media and overall the demand of time which lures everyone to look confident and updated, have made people quite inclined towards making themselves look fashionable.

Especially when in college, girls think a lot about it. Not only women, men’s fashion market have also gone up. Shopping sites make available most of the branded clothes at lower prices than the real market and this is the reason man and women both are going after new trends.

While it is a good thing to be trendy and follow the latest innovations in designs, fabrics and others, one thing to be careful is to decide carefully whether it fits us and the place we live in. We should maintain the decorum of the place where we are living and not go against it. Blending in and deciding what to wear will be more acceptable without gaining negative attention. Also it must suit us. That’s a very important thing. If it is not suiting us but we are following it because it is the latest trend that is the worst thing we can do to how we look. We must be comfortable and when all these are kept in mind, we look our best. Westernized dressing style is not a bad thing but it must be decent. Our societies are still conservative and that is why we must be sensitive towards it. Moreover we have our own cultural heritage. We must therefore be proud of our ethnicity. Good thing is that our ethnic fashion have also evolved a lot and popularization of innovated designs have also attracted lot of attention and acceptance.

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