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A Visit To A Fair : Brief Report , Article , Essay , Cue Card

A Visit To A Fair : Brief Report , Article , Essay , Cue Card

Essay on Visit to a Fair

A Visit To A Fair : Fairs, fiestas and carnivals are very widespread in India. Fairs let the people gather to have a cheerful time, mask differences if any and form better accepting among each other. Several fairs last for a few days. In such fairs short-term bazaars and stalls are arranged.

A Visit To A Fair : Brief Report , Article , Essay , Cue Card

A Visit To A Fair : Brief Report , Article , Essay , Cue Card

Brief Report on Visit to a Fair

Previous Sunday I and a couple of my buddies decided to visit a fair held in a close by village. We reached the fair around 10 AM. We had an adequate amount of time, so there was no need to speed up. Foremost we went to the temple, worshipped the goddess Durga, and then we were offered prashad and finally left for sightseeing.

The authentic fair was a place full of pomp and solemnity. There were many shops of all-purpose items, playthings and sweets all ornamented nicely and had an alluring attraction for people belonging to all age groups. We witnessed a huge crowd at more or less every shop. Men, women and kids in their flashy dresses, looked very eventful. There was a large crowd on the exterior side of the temple entry. People were standing in a line and waiting for their turn with an earnest aspiration to have a glance of Goddess Durga.

There was hustle and bustle all over the place. All were having a great time in the fair in their personal approach. Freshly wedded brides were spotted busy in buying glowing bangles of different colors and sizes from the bangle-selling stalls.  The ladies also made a lot of acquisition in the cosmetics section.

Mature ladies were not less busy either. They were buying articles of household function. There were marketers as well at several places, all screeching in different pitches to trade their goods. We were entertained by their tones and gesticulations.

The whirling and spinning merry-go-rounds with furious sounds were also a centre of desirability particularly for the little kids. They were having a great time riding on them. People were dancing to the beats of drums. Their folk dance was deserved to be witnessed and we gazed at it with a great pleasure.

There were snake-charmers, jugglers, magicians, conjurers and many performers as well. The rope dancers were also busy in their special actions. We also spotted some fore-tellers in one of the corners. I too wished to go there and know my upcoming. But soon an inside voice forbidden me from doing so and I along with my friends moved on. I considered I must not believe in destiny but in toil and hard work which itself can fetch all the success in life.

The entire fair was full of bustle. There were some helpers and scouts who were serving the people in different ways. Some were controlling the traffic; some were offering water to the thirsty, while others were occupied in bringing back the misplaced children to their parents. There was a fine police arrangement to uphold law and order.

Conclusion On Visit To A Fair

In the twilight the fair came to a conclusion. People commenced to return to their home. We also came back with a pleasant feeling and some memories to cherish for life. The fair was, undoubtedly, an excellent source of knowledge about the varied lifestyle in our country and we must visit it time to time.


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