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Advantages and Disadvantages of Imperialism in Politics

Advantages and Disadvantages of Imperialism in Politics

What is Imperialism ?

Imperialism in Politics : “Imperialism” a term used to explain the power and control of a dominant country over some other country. Imperialism is, when a strong, economically and politically dominant country overruns some other country by using force. It is also called, colonization. When a strong country rules over a weak country and uses its resources without any permission, makes slaves and invades the country with power, it is called “imperialism”. For example, the occupation of Africa in 1914 by European Countries.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Imperialism in Politics

Advantages of Imperialism

In general, Imperialism is not a good thing, not a good attitude of strong countries. But, there are also some advantages of imperialism which cannot be ignored. For example, the countries which are occupied by other strong countries, try to gain power, try to improve their economy and involve in a competition. Such competition leads them to grow and win the race. On the other hand, the countries which are involved in Imperialism strengthen their power to gain control over other countries and to spread their vision, for example, the development of modern technologies during the expansion of European empires. The countries with the interest of imperialism think about exploration. They search for the new places, new regions to perform their researches. They want to spread their vision, want to develop new trade routes and therefore they explore the world.

Disadvantages of Imperialism

Imperialism is not good for the countries which are not in the power. A country which is a colony of some other empire is under pressure. Imperialism gives rise to racism and discrimination. The countries which own other countries, start thinking themselves superior and think that they are supreme than other countries. For example, when the Europeans established their governments in African countries, the Africans were sold as slaves. This slavery resulted in the spread of diseases, and thus, there was a drastic reduction in the population.

Conclusion on Advantages and Disadvantages of Imperialism in Politics

If we take imperialism in a positive way, there are many advantages but these advantages have no meaning in front of humanity. If imperialism is violating the terms and conditions of humanity, then such imperialism must be eradicated. But on the other hand, if imperialism is promoting love for each other, peace and respect then imperialism is really a good thing to explore about other countries.

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