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Development and Population Control : Essay, Article, Speech, Note

Development and Population Control : Essay, Article, Speech, Note

Introduction to Development and Population Control

The world population has gone beyond the 7 billion mark and is estimated to rise to over 9 billion by 2043. Population trends these days are characterized by an ever-increasing divergence across countries and regions. Whereas many of the inferior countries continue to be characterized by speedy population growth, others that are more sophisticated in their demographic transition are experiencing rapid population ageing and even population decline in a few cases. Moreover, the world is witnessing more and more complex worldwide migration patterns and numerous countries continue to experience very high rates of urbanization.

Development and Population Control : Essay, Article, Speech, Note

These population dynamics control development at the nationalized and sub-national levels, but also at provincial and global levels.

Thus, the challenge of the century is to resolve the trouble of meeting the rising needs and expectations of an increasing population while at the same time modifying the present production and utilization patterns to attain a more sustainable development model and address the links involving development and quick population change.

Why Population Dynamics Matters For Sustainable Improvement?

Population increase, population ageing and decline, as well as relocation and urbanization, affect practically all development objectives that are on top of national and international development agendas. They influence consumption, production, employment, profits distribution, deficiency and social protections, including pensions; they also set hurdles for our efforts to make sure universal access to health, education, housing, sanitation, water, food and power.

Population Engagement

Population enlargement, in particular, places growing pressures on the planet’s possessions -water, forests, land and the earth’s environment contributing to climate alteration and challenging environmental sustainability. However, population dynamics do not only influence significant development objectives; they are themselves affected by societal, financial and ecological changes.

How to Do Population Control?

Population dynamics are the outcome of individual choices and opportunities. To address and control the opportunities of population dynamics for sustainable improvement, countries should seek to expand and not limit individual rights. Countries should work to enlarge people’s choices, originality, creativity and resilience, by adopting policies that are human rights based and gender-responsive.

Human Rights – Development – Population Control

Human rights-based and gender-responsive policies, such as encouraging universal right of entry to sexual and reproductive health and rights, as well as voluntary family planning, and to education, including complete sexuality education, can make a world of difference for public and societies. Together, these actions help to avoid unwanted pregnancies, diminish teenage pregnancies, control infant and maternal mortality rate, and decrease gender-based violence and unsafe abortions. They also facilitate to combat HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, which prolong to claim millions of lives each year.


The challenge of reducing poverty and promoting human welfare, while at the same time ensuring the sustainability of the natural surroundings, is inseparable from population patterns and trends.

The means of harnessing the opportunities presented by population dynamics will necessitate relying on more efficient and stronger global, provincial and national partnerships, with a stress on information sharing, and on technical and economic support that will facilitate countries to adopt evidence- and rights-based policies knowledgeable by population statistics, projections and investigation.

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