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Essay on Corruption problem in India | Speech on Corruption problem

Corruption Problem In India Essay , Article , Speech

Essay on Corruption

Corruption as a Serious Problem

Corruption Problem : Some wise man said that a rich man is nothing but a poor man with money. That is what we can infer from what we are seeing in practice in everyday life. Corruption in India has always existed and actually it is just a result of being human. We humans are imperfect beings and it is just human psychology that they have more affinity for negative. At certain times this trait makes us feel as if certain things we actually should not do, are normal. Corruption is also one such problem. It has existed like an interwoven thread in a cloth in the society. Everyone wants to earn money by hook or by crook. People want to amass money anyhow and surprisingly it has become an open secret of even  high ranked officials having a status in the society. It is no surprise that all those bigwigs are also involved in unscrupulous activities to earn some extra green notes. Its a wrong notion that lack of money is the root of this evil. There is no enough money anywhere to satisfy someone’s greed.

Corruption Problem In India Essay , Article , Speech

Example of Corruption

There are corruption of different kinds. Sadly even students and educational system is not free of corruption. Question paper leaking, results manipulation in favor of rich people ready to pay huge amounts, etc all are nowadays becoming common to hear. Take the example of “VYAPM Scam” or “Assam public service commission (APSC) entrance”. Obviously such big scams occur because of connection between elite bureaucrats, political leaders, etc. Political corruption such as tax evolution, intimidating weak sections of people for votes by unscrupulous leaders are also happening from the past. Films also portray such scenes in movies. There is so much of adulteration in food nowadays. Only the consumers know what they eat. Price rise is a problem itself. And after paying those high amounts set by the traders at their sweet will also, they get so much of adulterated food. Even baby food and medicines are not free from it.

Bribing as Worst form of Corruption

Bribing is the worst form of corruption!! It is surprising that now people are  neither afraid nor ashamed of admitting that they take or give bribes. To have a loan passed or to get some paperwork done we have to pay something under the table. For jobs, even the very deserving ones do not get their dues unless they pay some high official handsomely. This deprives many meritorious students from getting good jobs. The thing is that in the past bribing was common for having a wrong deed done. But now we have to pay illegally for even right things to be done. So where do we get the money? Not everyone is capable of tearing their pockets at the time of emergency and be assured of the fortune they keep safely at locker. Its just a reality that sometimes people are ready to even sell or mortgage their only properties to bribe someone. Yet without being assured that the work will be done. Basic inception of corruption started a very long ago and it has become so integral withing the system and so many people are involved that it is very difficult to come out of it or eradicate the evil from the society.

Corruption in government system

Corruption in government system can be checked only if measures are taken to make it less cumbersome. It has to be more transparent and accountable. It is no doubt that withing lower levels of government, money sent for welfare schemes are pilfered out by corrupt practices. That is the root cause. Indians must learn to be more vocal and enlightened to raise voice against something negative happening near them. Guilty must bear more penalty or punishment. And to some extent low salary of government jobs must also be checked because at certain times people are bound to take bribes. Money speaks everywhere. So sometimes out of scarcity also a good person get involved in corrupt practices.

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