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Gautama Buddha : Essay, Article, Quotes, Early Life, Biography

Gautama Buddha : Essay, Article, Quotes, Early Life, Biography

Introduction Of Gautama Buddha

Gautama Buddha was one of the supreme spiritual teachers across the globe. He gave the significance of reality, tranquillity, compassion and impartiality. His wisdom and sayings became the origin of Buddhism, one of world’s most significant religions which are followed in countries like Japan, China, and Burma to name a few.

Gautama Buddha : Essay, Article, Quotes, Early Life, Biography

Early Life of Gautama Buddha

He is supposed to have been born in the Lumbini woods in Nepalese Terai in the sixth century B.C. Previous to he became the Buddha (the Enlightened), he was renowned as Siddharth. His father’s name was Suddhodana, who was the leader of Kapilvastu. His mother’s name was Maya Devi, who passed away as soon as she gave birth to Siddharth.

Siddharth was a kid with a thoughtful bent of mind. He was inclined towards contemplation and spiritual pursuits much against the desires of his father. His father feared that Siddharth might depart home, and so, kept trying to shield him from the cruel realities of the world outside by keeping him inside the fort all the time.

He even set his marriage with a good-looking princess Yashodhara when he was just eighteen years old. They had a boy whom they named Rahul. But all these could not alter the mind of the youthful Siddharth.

Sufferings of Gautama Buddha

The Buddhist customs state that when Siddharth come across an old man, a pale person and a lifeless body, he recognized how short lived is worldly passions and delights. Shortly after he left his family and the empire and went into the jungle in search of serenity and reality. He roamed from place to place to achieve awareness. He met many intellectuals and saints but he was not contented.

Enlightenment of Gautama Buddha

At last he started unbreakable meditation bearing great physical suffering and pain. After years and years of travelling and consideration Siddharth got enlightenment when he was sitting in thought under a tree in the city of Ganges (Bihar).

Siddharth at this moment got transformed into Buddha or the enlightened one when he was thirty five. The tree underneath which he got Enlightenment came to be acknowledged as Bodhi Vriksha.

Buddha accomplished what he aspired for. He preached his first lecture in Sarnath, near Varanasi. He taught that the world is filled of sorrows and people endure on account of desire. Hence wishes required to be conquered by the following Eight fold Path. Of these eight paths, the first three would make sure physical power, the next two ensures psychological control, and the last two would guarantee logical expansion.

Nirvana of Gautama Buddha

Buddha educated that the ultimate goal of every Buddhist is the realization of ‘Nirvana’. ‘Nirvana’ could be attained neither by prayer nor by surrendering. It can be achieved by true kind of livelihood and thoughts. Buddha did not converse of God and his teachings comprise more of a viewpoint and system of beliefs than a religion. Buddhism affirms the regulation of Karma by which a person’s deed in life determines his position in upcoming incarnations.

Buddhism is recognized with the ideology of non-violence. The Tripitika is a compilation of Buddha’s knowledge, existence and theoretical discourses on the teachings and the commentaries. Buddha achieved Nirvana in Khushinagar (U.P.) in 483 B.C.

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