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Guru Purnima Speech , Essay , Article , Importance

Guru Purnima Speech , Essay , Article , Importance

Speech on Guru Purnima

What is Guru Purnima?

Guru Purnima is a ritual or a festival of the Hindus, Jains and the Buddhists which is celebrated as a dedication, showing respect and gratitude to the teachers/gurus that may be spiritual, academic or cultural gurus.

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The Gurus or the teachers have a special place in the hearts of various religions like the Jains, Buddhists and especially the Hindus. Teachers are compared next to God and also worshipped like Gods.

When Guru Purnima is Observed ?

Guru Purnima is celebrated mostly for the spiritual gurus but not neglecting the gurus of other fields. Many a times, the spiritual gurus are considered as a link between man and God.The full-moon day in the hindu month of  Ashadh , is observed as Guru Purnima.

Why Guru Purnima is Observed ?

 It is a festival that is celebrated in the memory of the great sage Maharshi Veda Vyasa. This great saint edited the four vedas. He also wrote the eighteen Puranas, Mahabharata and the Srimad Bhagavat Gita. Dattatreya (Datta Guru) of the Hindu mythology, considered as the Guru of Gurus is known to the Shishya (student) of Maharshi Veda Vyasa .On this auspicious day, the spiritual devotees and the aspirants worship Maharshi Vyasa and the disciples worship their respective spiritual Gurudevs.

Importance of Guru Purnima

This day is considered as a good day by the people especially to the farmers as they wait for heavy showers for their crops to grow. The four month period (Chaturmas) starts this day and the spiritual seekers start intensifying their sadhnas (practice) this day.

In the history it has been witnessed that the spiritual gurus with their disciples, used to sit under a tree and study the Brahma Sutras composed by Vyasa.

Speech on Guru Purnima

India is the only place where Gurus have been given a lot of importance and where there are a lot of followers and disciples. The Gurus have been existing since the ancient times and is still a part of our lives. The Gurus teach us about the importance and cycle of life and it is because of the Gurus that we believe in the existence of immortals and outside the world. Guru is not only a physical form but also a form of energy by which knowledge is transmitted to the individuals. There is an aura that can be only felt in the presence of Guru. Guru can be our parent, the guide of our life and be the core of peace in our minds. This is why, we celebrate Guru Purnima and dedicate the respect of its being.

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