A hotel is an estabilishmentthat provides lodging based on a short term basis. While visiting a new, unexplored place in a far off land, the one thing which we envisage on finding is a comfortable environment to rest our body in, which dawns on us in the form of a hotel. A hotel provides many facilities ranging from a basic bed and storage for clothing to luxury features like en- suite bathrooms.
The word ‘hotel’ is derived from the French ‘hőtel’, which ironically refers to a French version of a building seeing frequent visitors, and providing care, rather than a place offering accomodation. Hotels have a wide range of classification; from being an upscale luxury, one that offers luxury amenities, on- site full service restaurant, and the highest level of personalised and professional service, to an economy and limited service hotel. In between these lies the full- service hotels, historic inns and boutique hotels, focussed on select service hotel and extended stay hotel. The business of hotel has witnessed burgeoning profits with rapid expansion in travelling and lifestyle activities, and hotels nowadays are becoming a business opportunity for many concerns to realize their organisational goal, for instance, OYO rooms. With the increase in demand, hotel management, too, has become a globally accepted professional career field and academic field of study.
With the current euphoria and craze towards the ‘hotel culture’, hotels in todays scenario are not leaving any stone unturned to best serve their customers, treat them with the best of courtesy and make their stay in hotels comparable to their own homes.

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