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Is Money is More Important than Love ? {Live Debate}

Money is More Important than Love !!!  Debate, Essay , Article , Speech

Why Money is More Important Rather than Love ?

Money is the most important thing one live for and one live with. Everything we possess materialistically, such as comfort, food, clothes, comforts, etc is due to money. Basic amenities like food, clothes and shelter are needed by everybody equally, rich and poor alike. It is indispensable to every human being’s existence in a society. A person who don’t have these “ROTI, KAPDA and MAKAAN ” , he is living a life similar to that of thriving in hell. They are isolated by rejection from any other person in a better condition. People don’t even want to sympathize the deprived.

Money is More Important than Love !!! Debate, Essay , Article , Speech
Everything Comes with a Price Tag – Explaination

It is just only a few who is kindhearted enough to do something for such people. Money is ruling human in such a way that every person talks of money. There is also a saying that ” everything comes with a price tag” . And its true also.we pay for even the simplest deed that we sometimes get it done by others. Money seems to have become both the root and fruit of evil. Love for money ia a curse which every human being have to suffer. It has darkened the sphere of human life. Two people getting married might be loving each other very much. But if after or before having children they face scarcity of even the basic amenities, all those romantic birds flies out of the window. That family can’t survive only. It is commonly believed that poverty till certain extent brings out the best in human beings. Because in that environment the common sharing of transient losses and gains have a mammoth value too. But there is no excuse for poverty. It is the worst bane. It deprives of all those potential human resources who could have had some niche in the society. They are just doomed to fail naturally.

They cant get education or provide the same to their family. Without money no work is done. It is surprising that even it doesn’t sees the age of a person. Having money in hand always reminds a person of any age that they need it for this and that reason. Unless in a very surplus amount, nobody would feel under normal circumstances that ‘ i have a lot of money. I don’t need it so i m going to donate it’ . Lack of money sometimes don’t allow a person to buy spacious house to live in. In that case a joint family can never survive without getting disintegrated. Lack of money will naturally make a person feel lost and like a failure. They will hate the reasons which exaggerates his realization further. Love wont get a place to rest only. Families are heard of doing suicide together .

Lack of money make them so deprived from everything that they found dying easier. One can survive without love if somehow he can live alone or he devotes his love for his passion or social service. A person might be happy without or can compromise without having someone close as a family to live happily. But not without money. If you have everything else except money, love won’t get the chance to breed. Love needs space and a peaceful environment to sit and rest . If the situation is only unstable, love won’t follow. In fact having money sometimes makes other things comes automatically. A bachelor however good in nature wont get a bride easily unless it is an exceptional case of love marriage or arranged marriage. If he has a very good job he might get a good bride easily. It cannot be said that the girl is attracted because of money. But truth is that having money solves many problems automatically, which a poor couple finds hard to pull it off successfully in a peaceful manner. So yes up to a great extent it is very true that money is more important than love. Although a rich lonely person is unhappier than a comparatively poor but a family person. But the poor person has got his happiness restricted too. At times every middle class or poor person feels the need and value of being rich. And a person who has nothing at all, will chose to have a little money first.

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