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Participation Of Students In Politics


People say politics is a matter of ‘Rich people’. Well, nowadays politics is considered as a big option of career. Hence all students should think of it in their early age. Some students get chance of getting into politics in the college life through some elections. In this way they can start their career which may last long forever.

Real scenario

Many people say that politics is a ‘dirty game’. All those who have an experience and risk taking ability and potential can only go for it.Though it goes to some extent, many people in today’s politics are not of that type. In fact, any of us can make it right with strong willpower. Hence students can actively participate in it earlier. They do not need to do any bad things. They can start with small initiatives like conducting blood collection for needy people. Also, they can take some literature camps to villages. They can talk to young people and convince them to come into politics with good perception. Then they can go for small Elections.


If students actively participate in the politics from childhood, then they will develop their skills like spoken languages, confidence, contacts, political knowledge, etc. This will surely help them in studies also which must be their first priority. They must be encouraged by their parents if they can see that spark in their children. People with earlier start are always further in their generation. Hence all people nearby will be knowing these students already which will help them to increase the people by their side further. If more and more good people get into politics today, then the situation of our country will be best in short interval of time.


This era will be really effectively led by the young generation. Otherwise, frauds, corruption, inflation rise will continue to go. “Come on youngsters hurry up. Go for it”. Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken many steps forward by announcing a ban on 500, and 1000 rupee notes for flushing corruption out of the country and new advanced notes are welcomed by everyone. Big people are congratulating him for his big decision. People are saying this is the “surgical strike by India on corrupted India”. As now every activity above 2.5 lakh is going to be monitored, now corrupted people are searching for new ways of defeating this. We have to stop this by our own intelligence. If we can do that much for our nation, then it will be a proud moment for us and our relatives. We can say that this is just a beginning, we have to take it further and make our India best in the world.
Further, there should be some monitoring of black money kept outside India. At least people should not be able to use it and slowly it can be brought back to India. Lokpal bill is an essential step for it. If we get success in that then it will be a big thing. Young people are required highly for all these things to come true., hence everyone should encourage each other for it.” Come on India “!


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