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Speech on Children’s Day | Bal Divas Speech

Speech on Children’s Day | Bal Divas Speech

The happiest phase of life is childhood. As we grow up we realise how challenging and complex the journey of life becomes. Oh! The days of childhood. The time when all we do is play, study, sleep, love our mother’s lap, eat whatever we like, with no obligation, no responsibility, no misunderstanding, no meeting the fast pace of life but just to cherish the all-loving-attention of everyone.But we all have that child rooted within our hearts, no matter how old we are. So to rejoice this child situated in our hearts, we celebrate Children’s Day.

Speech on Children’s Day or Bal Divas

Children’s day or Bal Divas is a day dedicated entirely to the tender and loving child within each individual. It is celebrated on 14th November each year. It’s the birthday of Jawaharlal Nehru who was born on 14th November, 1889. Children’s day is celebrated with full enjoyment and enthusiasm in several schools and colleges.

Children's Day : Essay, Article, Speech, Paragraph, Composition | Speech on Children’s Day | Bal Divas Speech

Children’s Day : Essay, Article, Speech, Paragraph, Composition

Why Children’s Day Celebrated Speech

14th November marks the birthday of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. He was born in Allahabad and became the first Prime Minister of Independent India. Nehruji adored children and took numerous steps towards child welfare. He focused on the rights, importance and proper care of children. He spread awareness about the primary education and prevented malnutrition by starting several welfare, nutrition and child development schemes in India. He exhilarated the right track for children since childhood so that they become an asset for the nation and live a successful and prosperous life. He was fond of children and never restrained himself from showing his unconditional love and value towards them. Nehruji well understood that the future of the nation lies in the small but powerful hands of these children.

Children too treasured his love and addressed him by calling “Chacha Nehru”. Children remember Chacha Nehru as a loving person dressed in white ethnic jacket (also called Nehru jacket), pant and kurta and white Gandhi topi (hat) and a rose in his pocket. They used to surround Chacha Nehru on different occasions and Nehruji too use to foster that love.So to cherish this sweet bond and love his birthday is celebrated as Children’s Day.

Speech How Children’s Day celebrated?

Different schools and colleges celebrate Children’s Day. From toddlers to elders, all enjoy the spark of this day. Various cultural and social functions are organised, teachers perform skits and plays, toffee, chocolates and gifts are distributed, outings and picnics are held, parties and fun activities take place and lots of dance and enjoyment is done. Each child is special in his own way and this message is spread across the nation. We all remember the unconditional love and affection of Nehruji.

Each child is jewel of the nation. Every child has the right to get education, love, food and shelter. If the upbringing of children is good, it is bound to take the society and nation towards growth and upliftment. Children Day teach us no matter how old you get, be young at heart. Never let the child within you die and embrace and nurture each sweet moment of life.

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