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Meaning of Work is Worship

Since childhood, we all are taught that ‘what is sowed, that is reaped’.  As Lord Krishna said that ‘whatever work a person does, he will be rewarded accordingly’. A person who does good works bears the sweet fruit of it. Working is like fulfilling the motive of your life. Commitment towards work enriches the soul and body of a person. The best way to get acknowledged is by your work as your actions are speaking more than your words. A good thought is of no use if it is not converted into good actions and these actions should be reflected in the work. It is through work that a new motive and meaning is added to life.  A good work is a connection to the supreme power. It energizes and moulds the inner purity and balance in life. Working hard embeds various morals and values in life. The best way to return something back to this precious life is by your work. Whatever work is done builds the way of your future. Without work no one is blessed by God.

Work is Worship Essay, Speech, Article

Work is Worship Essay, Speech, Article

Pros of Working | Benefits of working

  • It maintains the mental and physical balance.
  • It forbids the monotonous, dull and uninteresting life.
  • Commitment, loyalty and truthful values are rooted in a person.
  • Importance of time is realized.
  • It keeps a person busy and involved
  • It gives self satisfaction and peace.
  • It develops confidence, stability, desire to succeed and clarity in life.
  • Working gives happiness, goal in life and positivity.
  • A person dedicated towards his work is not lazy and idle.
  • A good work done benefits not only oneself but also the society and nation.
  • People who are committed to their work motivate others also to know and step towards the kind of work they love.
  • If a person has faith in his work then in miserable times also he will not lose hope and be determined and strong to face any situation.

The struggles of life are many. One has to be brave and calm to face any mishap that may occur in life. We all need that power that drives us through it. Treat your work and obligations as a connection to the mighty power, and sooner or later the positive and sweet results of it will be attained. Constant work towards the right path leads people to great future and progress. Our culture and history have taught us to work with hard work, dedication, loyalty and timely. It tells us that the best way to please God is by our deeds, actions and work.

‘An idle mind is a devils workshop’. Work keeps one busy and involved and so restrains all the negative thoughts, deeds and actions that may hamper an individual and the society.

Worshiping is attaining peace, balance and happiness. Dedication towards work provides all this. So we can say that work is regarded as worship and by working constantly with happiness and loyalty we get closer on the path of reaching to the ultimate power. One should remember that people die, but their work is immortal and forever lasting. In true work lies the essence of true worship.

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