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10 Prominent Ways To Overcome Depression

How to To Overcome Depression?

Overcome Depression Here Today we are going to share some Tips to Overcome Depression. One of our guest writer had shared some 10 decent ways to get rid from depression.Depression is a real illness that impacts the brain. Anyone suffering from depression will tell you, it’s not imaginary or “all in your head.” Depression is more than just feeling “down.” It is a serious illness caused by changes in brain chemistry.Here We had Shared 10 Ways to overcome Depression.

1) Think positive

The main reason of depression is negative thinking. Sometimes we think negatively about everything and every person, and if this phase continues a person will suffer from severe depression. So if someone feels that he is taking everything negatively, he/she must try to think that no one is perfect and the things which we dislike may be the source of happiness for others. Everyone has different state of mind so their likes, dislikes, preferences are different. If we think like this, our thoughts will slowly move towards positivity.

How To Overcome Depression : 10 Ways

2) Busy Yourself

I know that sometimes we don’t like to do anything. Sitting on the chair and thinking continuously is not the solution. Busy yourself in doing different jobs like cleaning the room, or set you cupboard. If it don’t work, indulge yourself in cooking or writing something. This will work 80% to lower your depression.This is the most prominent technique to overcome depression.

3) Internet surfing

If you have a computer and internet connection then you don’t have to worry about depression. You can search about different things on internet according to your interest, for example if you have interest in cars , you can search about new models and companies, if you have interest in clothing , you can search about new trends and fashion designing, and many more.Internet is best medicine to overcome depression.

4) Reading

Some people have much interest in reading novels and stories, if you have a collection of magazines and novels, you can overcome depression.

5) Interior decoration

You are suffering from severe depression and you don’t want to talk with anyone, you want to break something, oh no , please don’t do that, you will regret upon it. Please be positive, instead of breaking something, you must decorate your room, think about the new setting , new paints and new sceneries, this will impose a good impact on you and also on your house.

6) Shopping

I have experience that shopping is a good treatment of depression but you must have enough money otherwise instead of relieving from depression you’ll suffer more 😀

7) Photography

Take a camera or smart phone and go outside, take pictures of everything, then come back and review your work. Divide your work into categories according to the scenes in the pictures. When you spend time like this, you’ll feel good.

8) Help others

This is the most pain relieving phenomenon. When you work for others you’ll definitely feel good. Help people by doing work for them , work that they cannot do by themselves. If you have money, spend it on needy.

9) Lay down on the bed and thank God

Lay down on the bed , close your eyes , take a deep breath , think what you have that others don’t and thank God. Thank Him that he made you a specific one. Think about all good things you have. This therapy will work 101% , I give you guarantee.

10) Play games

Play games like badminton or cricket , if you don’t have any partner to play with then play games on computer or smart phone. I think candy crush is very good depression relieving game 😀 many others like kitchen scramble, bubble bomb, Mario etc.

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