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5 Cultural Delights Of Ahmedabad – Must Visit

5 Cultural Delights Of Ahmedabad

Cultural Delights Of Ahmedabad : For cultural buffs, the wonders of Ahmedabad are something that should definitely be explored. Apart from Ahmedabad tourism, there are few things from its typical culinary treats to village clans and colorful attire to art forms, Ahmedabad is a beautiful blend of the traditions and modernity. Let’s take at some of the best cultural wonders the city has to offer.
Touring The Cultural Delights Of Ahmedabad

Touring The Cultural Delights Of Ahmedabad

5 Cultural Delights Of Ahmedabad

#1 Lemon Grass Hopper

One of the finest art galleries in Ahmedabad, the Lemon Grass Hopper brings the best work from contemporary artists like BV Suresh, Shampa Ghosh, Abhijit Paul, MF Hussain, Sunil Darji and more. The gallery has few exhibitions halls showcasing the some beautiful sculptures, photographs, paintings, sketches, pottery and ceramic. You can get some really fantastic deals at the exhibitions, which is usually flocked by the who’s who of the artsy world.

#2 Calico Museum

Located in Shahi Bagh, Calico Museum is considered to be one of the finest places to admire specialised work of art and history. Established in 1949 by the Sarabhai family to document the history of textile business in the country, this museum has some fine collection dating back to several centuries. With exhibitions taking place in the majestic setting of the old Sarabhai haveli, this is one cultural tour you shouldn’t miss.

#3 Gandhi Memorial Museum

Situated on the banks of the Sabarmati River, the Gandhi Memorial Museum is located besides the famous ashram where Mahatma Gandhi spent his remaining years. This museum is perfect to understand the man who led the fight of freedom against the British regime, as you look through the deeper aspects of his life. If you have kids in your family, then this could really become an eye-opening tour for them.

#4 World Vintage Car Museum

Famous known as the Auto World, this assembly of vintage cares is just the place to be in if you’re passionate about cars. Showcasing the private collection of car enthusiast, Pranlal Bhogilal, the vintage cars included belong the leading car-makers like Mercedes, Cadillac, Chrysler, Bentley, and Maybach. The best part about the museum, that you can also take this vintage beauties for a quick spin. Take home a little souvenir and cherish the experiences for lifetime.

#5 Shreyas Folk Art Museum

If you’re interested in exploring the local art and culture of Gujarat, this museum becomes a must-visit. Showcasing the artwork from the major communities of the region like, Kathi, Bhansali, Meghwal, Rabari, Ahir, and Mer, you can browse handicrafts from wood cravings to handmade utensils and musical instrument.

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