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8 Reasons Why Living in Vadodara is Awesome!

8 Reasons Why Living in Vadodara is Awesome!

Among many cities that Gujarat has, Vadodara is ranked amongst the most favorable cities to reside in. Also known as Sanskari Nagari, it has its own heritage and culture that makes it awesome.

8 Reasons Why Living in Vadodara is Awesome!

Here are the Top eight reasons why living in Vadodara and its people are awesome! Go on and check it out by yourself.

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1. It has the perfect balance of modernization.

While every city is modern, Vadodara holds the industrialization as well as the environment in the most optimum way. Many of the most important industries are located near Vadodara such as Reliance, L&T, Linde, etc. Also, it has a large amount of gardens and green parks.

8 Reasons Why Living in Vadodara is Awesome!

2. It is located at the most accessible way in terms of travelling.

Vadodara junction railway station has connectivity to all the railways from towards Delhi, towards Mumbai and towards Ahmedabad and far till Bhuj. Also travelling from one end of the city to the other end takes not more than minutes. (Will help you to lie your boss that you are on your way!)

8 Reasons Why Living in Vadodara is Awesome!

3. Festival celebration to the fullest.

Uttarayan and Navratri are one of the best celebrated festivals in Vadodara. While all the other celebrations including Holi, Janmashtmi, Diwali, Eid, etc. aren’t very far behind. Navratri is a must visit time for coming to Vadodara.

8 Reasons Why Living in Vadodara is Awesome!

4.The Education Institutes.

Maharaja Sayaji Rao Gaekwad University is one of the top most universities in Asia. It has a wide range of fields starting from Linguistics to commerce to archelogy to engineering and everything else. While there are hundreds of foreign students choosing MSU as their education hub, it proves the quality of its education. There are many more colleges and universities located near Vadodara nurturing lakhs of students.

8 Reasons Why Living in Vadodara is Awesome!

5. Harmony Amongst the Citizen.

With industrialization come mixed culture. And Vadodara has the best harmonized civilization. People stand for each other in health and sickness and are very humble. There are negligible cases of women harassment and any other crimes. It is thus becoming the safest city to live.

8 Reasons Why Living in Vadodara is Awesome!.

6. The Functioning Municipal Corporation

The Vadodara municipal corporation is very efficient and really works for the well-being of the citizen and the environment. While there are projects to make a riverfront near Vishwamitri river, the Kamatibaug is also maintained well. Garbage disposal and waste management is efficient thus making Vadodara a hygienic city.

8 Reasons Why Living in Vadodara is Awesome!

7. The Yummy Food!

Those mouthwatering food items like Mahakali sev usal, Bombay sandwich, Bhai-Bhai dabeli, panipuri, chats, yummmm.! Also the delighteries like Rajasthan Kulfi, paras pan, soda centers, etc. Need I say more?

8 Reasons Why Living in Vadodara is Awesome!

8. The Rich Heritage and Picnic Spots

Vadodara hold the glory of Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad and his family to the highest of respect. The Laxmi Vilas Palace, Kamatibaug, Maharaja Sayajirao University and the two museums have the history stored in pride. Also there are many places like Sindhrot Check dam, Pavagadh and many places to go for a picnic.

8 Reasons Why Living in Vadodara is Awesome!

Come visit once and fall in love with this city!

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  • Your 8 reasons are really right on point. I am from Vadodara but live aborad and I miss this city so much especially for its amazing food and festivals.

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