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10 Most Dangerous Roads Around The World

10 Most Dangerous Roads around the World

Most Dangerous Roads Around The World : This world was not created as it is. When our earth came into being, it had paths but not roads, so people found it difficult to remember every path without any proper guidance. This problem urged people to pave the ways to resolve the issue and then, people came with the idea of roads. Thus roads were constructed and new paths were developed and people did a lot. When we talk about “road”, a smooth pathway comes into our mind. But there are some roads in the world which are the dangerous zones for drivers and travelers. Dangerous because they are constructed in the areas where it is impossible to travel. Engineers and their co workers worked the best and constructed those difficult roads of the world. Here we are going to discuss 10 most dangerous roads around the world.

#1 North Yungas Road, Bolivia

That is also known as “the road of death” in the Yungas region of Bolivia. The Inter-American Development Bank ranked it as the “world’s most dangerous road”. According to an estimate, about 200 to 300 travelers are killed every year along the road. This road is cross marked from many places where vehicles have fallen. When vehicles try to pass each other, accident many occur.

10 Most Dangerous Roads Around The World

10 Most Dangerous Roads Around The World

#2 Patiopoulo- Perdikaki Road

The road in between the huge stones, loose gravel and  super steep, it is the Patiopoulo-Perdikaki road. This type of road must be avoided because it’s a very dangerous pathway. But many pedestrians, livestock, cars and motorbikes are still on the way. If you really want to risk your life then travel there.This is also Most Dangerous Roads Around The World.

Patiopoulo Road, Greece

#3 Jalalabad- Kabul Road, Afghanistan

The 65-kilometer stretch of highway from Jalalabad to Kabul is the most dangerous path snaking through the Taliban territory. It is dangerous because of narrow, winding lines through the Kabul gorge and reckless Afghan drivers who try to overtake the heavily-burdened trucks.It is one of Most Dangerous Roads Around The World .


#4 Taroko Gorge Road, Taiwan

A blind road with narrow path, mountain drops and many types of transport competing to pass through, it is Taroko Gorge road Taiwan. It is the very dangerous road in Taiwan with rush and high transport activity contributing to the dangerous deaths of 96, 611 deaths in Taiwan. It is one of Most Dangerous Roads Around The World . It is a wonder that how this road was constructed.

130314-Taroko Gorge Road-vjp

#5 Guoliang Tunnel Road, China

This road is located in China, which is carved along and side of a mountain. If we see the picture, it seems it is a mountain only, no road is visible but road is present along the side of the mountain and passes through several villages from the town of Guoliang. Its construction shows that it is a very dangerous one.Thus it is one of Most Dangerous Roads Around The World


#6 Zoji La, India

It is the high mountain pass located in India. Its location is the Indian National Highway, and 3,258 meters above from the sea level. The dangerous turns, icy and muddy paths make it dangerous for busses and cars. Almost 105,725 deaths are contributed by this road. It is one of Most Dangerous Roads of India. 


#7 Stelvio Pass Road, Italy

The scariest road in Italy and the hardest place to drive here. Its construction and architecture is enough to alarm the drivers but if someone still drive blindly there, he is insane and don’t want his life. It is one of Most Dangerous Roads Around The World. 


#8 Pan-American Highway, Alaska to Argentina

This highway is named as the “longest motorable” road of the world because you can travel from Alaska to the tip of South America on car via this road. Crossing the two continents and traversing through jungles, mountains, leads this road to challenges and danger. If you are fond of adventures then travel via this road. It is one of Most Dangerous Roads Around The World .


#9 Skippers Canyon Road, New Zealand

A narrow and winding road in New Zealand. This road requires special pass and permit to travel via this road. Very slippery and dangerous road which needs special driving expertise. It is a challenging road but do not take risk with it.


#10 Karakoram Highway Pakistan

It is a friendship highway because it was built with the support of China. This highway is the killer of many workers, laborers and engineers who were died during the construction of this road. It is still very dangerous due to mountains and deep ditches around. Special care and attention is required to travel safely through this road.


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