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Terrorism Essay , Note , Paragraph , Article

Terrorism Essay , Note , Paragraph , Article

Why Terrorism is biggest enemy of country?

Terrorism Essay , Note , Paragraph , Article : Terrorism is referred to an unlawful or forceful method to achieve a certain goal. It is a serious threat to the present world. Most of the countries now have nuclear weapons and if any war happens out as an outcome of terrorism, the whole world will be near to destroyed. It is followed by the terrorist with a sole motive to overthrow existing law and order. Terrorists can have different motives behind why they took up this step. But generally most terrorists seeks to have their aims fulfilled through deliberate use of violence against civilians and armed forces after seeing no other options.

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Birth of Terrorism

Terrorism can occur due to many causes. First of all, it may arise out of humiliation or frustration of a certain group of people who seeks to revenge from the government. They form groups and then maybe they attract people with similar grudge against the law and order.

Unemployment problem is also another cause of terrorism and insurgency. Unemployment increases liabilities in a population of youth who have extreme pressure of supporting their family. Out of seeing no other way they might get into association with local insurgents group for getting quick money. But generally it is like stepping on gum and the person is never able to get out of the field.

Religion is a big reason of terrorism. Though not very clearly explainable but hatred or division created among people due to religion strikes the minds of certain people who seems to revenge for justice or any other reason.

Lack of political inclusiveness in states and hearing of grievances if not done properly also raises frustrations among people and that is what that targets people to join terrorist groups.

How to Combat Terrorism ?

In order to combat terrorism we must identify the reasons and this may allow policy makers to target terrorism at its root causes rather fight those who have already become radicalised.

It brings great instability to the smooth running of a country. It leads to disintegration of a society. It creates unnecessary fear and suspicion in the minds of people and suspicion may target some innocent youth who doesn’t even know what it is. Once a person becomes terrorist they don’t care if they are killing unarmed forces, women or children. A terrorist activity is a planned and organized activity. Following this idea a prejudice may develop against a particular section of society or the world in broader sense. That is a very bad sign because it will create greater divide and hatred which are root causes of terrorism.


Interrelationships between insurgents and big political parties or any such influential bodies bring illegal money and encourages smuggling of weapons, drugs, explosives, etc.

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Disadvantages of Terrorism

Terrorism is an act that causes more loss than what is gained. Loss of thousands of lives, breeding of hatred and stereotypes happen to grow against a particular section and the innocent also comes into that group. So that simply raises more disharmony. At times of crisis and need, countries seem to hesitate to help. Employment of youth in good fields will stop them from going into this dark world. Proper policies and laws must be made to have the grievances of all part of a state or country is heard and looked into.

We must breed love and harmony. That gives happiness to the heart.

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