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Essay on Acupuncture and Medicine Day | Speech on Acupuncture and Medicine day

Life is all about a balance. What you feel when you are always unbalanced.Rest and exercise, work and play, sugar and protein and blood chemistry should balance in a certain manner. When you are tense, upset, ill or injured, some system in your body is out of balance. This phase is called disease.Everybody is different and needs one or the other method to cure different type of disease .Medical art has been practicing healing touch worldwide today . The absence of pain and effectiveness of the ancient medicine has helped acupuncture and Oriental medicine become a part of Healthcare.


Acupuncture is one form of many treatments in the ancient medical practice of traditional Chinese medicine. Acupuncture is the art and science of directly balancing and manipulating your energy levels to bring them into balance. In Chinese this energy is called(Qi) pronounce ”c h e e” and is the ‘ life force’ of the body. The optimum health is achieved through the optimum balance of the body system acupuncture acts directly on the energy levels on your body and brings them into balance. Acupuncture is a treatment that involves the stimulation of points on the body with insertion of disposable needles .The patient feels pricking or tingling sensation at the areas where the body has experienced pain.

Oriental medicine:

Oriental medicine includes various styles of traditional Chinese treatment which includes Diagnostic procedures and Chinese Herbology (Qi),massage and bodywork(Tui-Na). The practice of Chinese Herpetology uses single as well as several herbal formula. When are combined there is a synergistic effect and this results in effective treatment.

What makes this popular ?

This treatment is so different and unique. These techniques evaluate a patient’s individual condition. Each person is evaluated and diagnosed to determine their imbalance in their body. Once the person is properly diagnosed ,a treatment protocol can be outlined and treating with various moralities by using acupuncture and herbal prescription as indicated.

How it works:

Human body is surrounded by Energy field .These are measured with many devices like EKG ( to test heart),EEG( to test brain),EMG( test muscle and nerve) and many other devices. It has been known to science that any functional changes to these fields cause changes in Energy fields of the body and can be directly manipulated. Acupuncture work directly on the affected body’s Energy field and thereby changing the function of the related malfunction .It is a basic law of Physics that’s when electricity flows along a conductor it creates an Energy field.

Where does it works:

It is effective in pain management, osteoarthritis ,post operative chemotherapy related nausea, Stroke rehabilitation ,infertility ,asthma,anxiety, panic disorder, insomnia, digestive and urinary disorders , premenstrual,
Fibrillation ,semiofficial pain syndrome ,migraines, obesity and even common cold.

Acupuncture and other traditional Oriental medicine therapies are gaining momentum and popularity at a rapid pace, but it’s important not to rush off to a practitioner without proper research.

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