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Terrorism – Strategies and Challenges

Terrorism – Strategies and Challenges Essay, Article

War against terrorism is terrorism.

What Do You Mean By Terrorism?

Woody Harrelson could not have used more apt words. The meaning of terrorism is to spread fear. The word terrorism itself sends chills down our spine. Terrorism comes from the French word “terrorism” used during the Reign of Terror. Ever since the word as it is has a booming impact on our growing world. Every newspaper now has headlines of civil wars and terror attacks that are raging across various nations. Every kind of terrorism is born as a tiny idea. This idea is injected into puny minds and grown within them. They are taught that pain and fear are no emotions. They are given a wrong notion that by destructing they earn rewards and thereby peace. This small idea eventually blows up like a massive Hiroshima; engulfing the nation and its culture. Terrorism is usually driven by revenge and the need to accept the so-called revolutionary ideas of the terrorists. However, their ideas are way too overboard to maintain society’s balance. When rejected, it burns as fury amongst the terrorists and they attack. These attacks create mass destruction of construction and also destroying the lives of many.

Terrorism - Strategies and Challenges Essay, Article , Paragraph

So-called Strategies of Terrorism

Terrorism can be based on collective reasons. All these small problems they have or create are bundled and released like a grenade on the innocent people and state. Terrorism can be of many types- state, religion, political, passive, etc. the so-called strategies of terrorism branch out from a single root. However, the time has taught it all; that terrorism cannot be classified in a particular manner. They run on a broader basis. These terror groups may attack in order to get a new territory of their own. They may attack in order to get hold of the economic growth of the nation or to hold power over the minority groups. Sometimes it may be to overthrow the current government or to switch government to a monarchy or vice versa. These unresolved problems lead to further damage when they hold hostages. Their main aim is to spark fear amongst the people. With this emotion, they grab the attention of the entire nation directing the spotlight to their needs. The attack plan takes years to organize to create such chaos in the society.

Terrorism - Strategies and Challenges Essay, Article , Paragraph

Problems Occur Due To Terrorism

However, we are also faced with a number of challenges. Terrorism doesn’t come alone. It comes with a set of problems. Even during medieval history, terrorism played a prominent role in society. It shaped and molded the thinking of people. It became a challenge for society to erase the negative thinking which may strongly influence the next generation. They started awareness on how terrorism is bringing down society as a whole. They preached that violent measures are not the key to get your idea accepted. 

Terrorism is an act that causes more loss than what is gained. Loss of thousands of lives, breeding of hatred, and stereotypes happen to grow against a particular section and the innocent also comes into that group. So that simply raises more disharmony. At times of crisis and need, countries seem to hesitate to help. Employment of youth in good fields will stop them from going into this dark world. Proper policies and laws must be made to have the grievances of all parts of a state or country are heard and looked into.

We must breed love and harmony. That gives happiness to the heart. Terrorism creates only a divide.

Terrorism was and never will be the answer to your stand in the society.

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