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How Social Networks Affect Young Generation? – Essay, Speech, Article

I get a job, elated, I put up a post; I get a promotion, ecstatic, I put up a post; I get fired, devastated, I put up a post; and yes, it goes without saying that the status is updated much before even a phone call is made to the immediate parents, lest the farfetched relatives. Such is the power and influence of social networking, which instills us to ‘share it with the virtual world’ before you ‘share it in the real world’.

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Social networking, as the name suggests, is a platform to enable people to socially connect with one another in the electronic world, individuals make new friends, peek into the lives of the older ones, share messages not just in the text form, but also there are snap chats and exchange of videos. Websites for social networking, namely Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, and whatnot, are places where Hollywood and Bollywood personalities interact with their fandom, politicians garner attention towards their profile for the upcoming elections and the government gets an insight into the response received to its various policies. The usage of social networking is a phenomenon that cuts across ages, gender, geography, or income, from a ten years old school kid to an elderly retired man 65 years in age, from a slick and suave Delhi girl to a serene, shielded village girl, everyone in the current times have at least one, if not multiple social networking accounts.

All in all, social networking has emerged as one of the basic requirements in a world which has BlogSpot and Skype in its neighborhood. The development has also proved fruitful in spreading news and reaching out to the masses with cheap or maybe free medium. Social networking has effected a convenient and approachable pathway for people to connect with their loved ones and share their thoughts, experiences, and fears in these modern, dynamic days.

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