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Natural Resources : Importance , Essay , Article , Speech

Importance of Natural Resources

What are Natural resources ?

Natural resources are those which are available from the earth without the action of mankind. They are available naturally and are under the strain of various natural characteristics which include all the forces of earth. Naturally available forces include sunlight, wind, waves, forests etc. These resources sustain population and increase the economy of a country.

Earth is a vital mile stone for mankind. The supply available is more than enough to sustain generations of life and more. Also termed as resources, we can classify them to natural and man made resources.

Importance of Natural Resources

Natural resources are a boon to the lives of many. It provides innumerable substances that we use in our daily lives. This includes wood, honey, fruits, paper, sun rays etc. natural resources like sunlight and wind can be found everywhere. They are available even if it they are used in large quantities. Sunlight is basically used for providing solar energy. Solar energy is harnessing of sunlight for various purposes and can be replaced many exploitative supplies. Wind energy is generated by windmill and used to generate electricity. Tidal energy is harnessed from mainly coastal areas which make use of high tide as well as low tides.

Natural Resources : Importance , Essay , Article , Speech | Use of natural resources | Advantages of Natural resources | Classification of Natural Resources

Advantages of Natural Resources

However resources like forests and its products are available only in certain locations. Other such resources are fossil fuels, oil etc. Over exploitation of such resources leads to its massive destruction and depletion. Forests are well known for the mass gathering of trees, shrubs and herbs of various kinds that provides a safe habitat for animals. They give us wood for fuel and shelter, eatables such as fruits, honey etc. , commercial products such as resin, tannin etc. The Amazon forests are known as the “Lungs of the world” as it provides around 30% of the earth’s oxygen. Fossil fuels are used mainly as fuel in industries. Oil is dug from far beneath the earths crust. They are purified and then used for various purposes such as for vehicles and industries. Petroleum is a redefined version of the oil taken out. These products must be carefully used in order to avoid their disappearance. They are naturally occurring substances. But it takes a tremendous amount of time to be back to the situation they are in.

Classification of Natural Resources

Natural resources can be classified on the basis of their origin into biotic and Abiotic resources. They living resources such as plants and animals are called as biotic resources. Those resources which are non living like the wind, sand etc is called the abiotic resources. Based on stage of development, natural resources are also classified as potential resources, actual resources, reserve resources and stock resources. A common classification of natural resources is renewable and non renewable resources. Resources which readily available and the rate of consumption does not affect it adversely is called as renewable resources. Those resources which are adversely affected by the rate of consumption due to various demands is called non renewable resources.

Natural Resources : Importance , Essay , Article , Speech | Use of natural resources | Advantages of Natural resources | Classification of Natural Resources


No matter the consumption, it is our responsibility to take care of the resources. Effective management should be done while using each of the natures resources. This will ensure that every one receives and equal share of the nature. Protect the nature to establish a longer run of the resources.

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