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Earth is our life sustaining system. It is that one planet in our solar system that supports life in a very friendly manner. It is formed as a result of the big bang theory that we are all taught back at school. It was formed around 4.7 billion years ago. The earth is nearly spherical in shape and flattened at the poles. It has an equatorial diameter of about 12,756 kilometres. Three fourths of its surface is covered with water. Only a portion of the four is land where all our human population of around more than a billion reside. With a rich variety of flora and fauna across tropical, deciduous and desert lands, it is comfortable place for many creatures to live and propagate.

The Earth rotates on its imaginary axis in a counter clockwise direction or in an eastward direction. The earth has two poles called the North Pole and the South Pole. A single rotation of earth with respect to the sun takes places in 24 hours. The earth rotates on its own axis and revolves around the sun at the same time. This revolution takes place roughly in 365 solar days.

Our Earth has a moon that goes around the Earth in every 27.33 days. As the Earth goes around the Sun at the same time, the Moon changes from dark to light in about 29.5 days. This is where the idea of a month originated. Hence we have months with 30 and 31 days in accordance to variation of position of moon with respect to our Earth.


The earth has a rough approximate of 71 percentage of water. This water is available as in lakes, river, hot springs, ocean, freshwater etc. the ground water and fresh water that you pull up with the help of a hand pump or well can be directly used and drunk. The water from ocean and sea is highly saline. They must undergo a process in desalination plant where they are made fit for drinking. Because of this rough estimate of water available, our Earth is also called as the “Blue Planet”. However, due to the over use of water in the current situation, many scientists believe that the next world war will be probably for water.

The Earth is a powerhouse of various resources. It is also home for many species like our plants and animals. It provides shelter, heat and food they require. Because of the varied atmosphere either as in the Poles or in the tropical regions the animals are able to adapt to the comfortable haven provided by the Earth.

The earth is just not a planet where we live, but it sustains for other creatures and serves as a natural resource for various purposes. Every individual is responsible for the degradation of this humongous resource.

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