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Life in Nazi Germany Essay , Speech , Article , Paragraph

Life in Nazi Germany Essay , Speech , Article , Paragraph

Life in Nazi Germany : Germany is called Nazi Germany when talking about the era of Nazi government and Hitler’s rule in Germany. Germany was a different country in the rule of Nazi government because there were the rules of Hitler implemented to change the structure of a government totally. The minds of people were changed and modified according to Hitler’s rule because he wanted to snatch the thinking of people and he wanted them to follow his rules only. History shows the cruelty of Hitler and according to a study, Hitler was so cruel because he did not enjoyed his childhood as other children do and those childhood memories were proved very fatal for German people.

Life in Nazi Germany Essay , Speech , Article , Paragraph

Life was so different in Nazi Germany. Many positive things were also happened in Nazi Germany but those positive things were remain hidden due to the negative aspects. In Nazi Germany, marriages were considered very important because government wanted people to be married and have many children for the future of Germany. Despite all the propaganda, the general figure of marriages was remained same except during 1934 and 1939. The stereotypical image created by Nazis about a family was that “A working father and a house wife mother who should stay at home to look after the home and children”.

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Education was promoted very well during the Nazi rule. Hitler wanted to take over the youth that youth should have to be the supporters of Hitler. Hitler never felt any problem in killing those who opposed him. Education therefore was promoted just to promote Nazism. Children were taught that how Nazi government has protected them from looters. Nazi government had no doubt brought political stability in Germany. But many problems like unemployment were raised due to the injustice of Nazi Government. There was no opposition which is not a good sign. People are stressed and they were forced to follow Nazism.

In general, Nazi government in Germany was beneficial for some people while it was proved to be really bad for many people. Over all, Nazi Germany was a horrible representation of dictatorship.

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