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Adolf Hitler / Nazi Ideology Essay, Article, Speech, Paragraph

Nazi Ideology Essay, Article, Speech, Paragraph

Essay on Nazi Ideology / Essay on Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler was a well known warrior who proved a death alarm for Jews and is known as the very cruel ruler. He left school in 1905 and lived in a Orphan house, then he took part in world war in 1918. Nazi Germany, the era of rule of Nazi party belongs to the Nazi ideology that, the achievement of goal to establish a totalitarian state (governing the branch of highly centralized institution), where the government is dominant completely in relation to the individual. This party actually belongs to Adolf Hitler. Nazi ideology refers to the regime and control of government and a centralized system of governance where all authority belongs to the government.

Nazi ideology | Adolf Hitler

Characteristics of Nazi Ideology / Essay on German Ideology

The Nazi Ideology refers to the following characteristics:

  • Building on a charismatic leader figure (Adolf Hitler) and on the support of the military.
  • Inventing common enemies (Jews, communists, pacifists, free masons, gypsies, Jehovah’s, Witnesses, homosexuals, etc.)
  • Trying to re-model the working class, by making the worker’s focus on higher ideals, than the traditional class struggle; such higher ideals, include extreme nationalism, racism, and especially war.

Purpose of Nazi, Germany

The purpose of Nazi Germany was to make Germany, an example of government rule. Some people see Nazism as the continuation of Romanticism but actually both of the terminologies are different. The roots of Nazism were established due to the influence of Hitler and his supporters thus they gained the power and ruled the Germany. The key elements of Nazi ideology are following, by which the proper aim and ambition of Nazism can be revealed.

  • National Socialist program
  • Racism (differences between different races, promoting hatred obviously between different groups)
  • Euthanasia and Eugenics with respect to “Racial Hygiene”
  • Social Darwinism
  • Related to Fascism

Some other points are also there but they are obviously related to above mentioned points. I want to add something in this paragraph by myself.  According to Nazi ideology, power is everything, hate others was their problem, and cruelty was at its peak. If we do an honest analysis, then Nazism was also the result of social discriminations and wrong ethical values

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