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The Nazi State Essay , Article , Speech , Paragraph

Essay , Article , Speech on The Nazi State

What Called By The Nazi State ?

The Nazi State Essay , Article , Speech , Paragraph : Nazi Government was the government of Nazi party in Germany. The leader of this government was Adolf Hitler, the famous most leader of Germany. The government of the Nazi Party was actually owned by Hitler and therefore Hitler maintained his government in Germany. Apparently, the Nazi government was very well organized, orderly and managed. According to the apparent view, the Nazi state was a well established system. But in reality, the situation was totally different. The Nazi state was the victim of unorganized system and poor management. There were only high ranked officers in government. The government was comprised of high ranked military officers, government departments, ministries and agencies, but no proper constitution were working there. In fact, Nazi state had no constitution and it was working without a constitution.

The Nazi State Essay , Article , Speech , Paragraph

Characteristics of The Nazi State / Essay on German Ideology

The specificity (may call a negative point) of Nazi government was “Adolf Hitler”. The Nazi state was governed by Adolf Hitler and he was the only decision maker at that time. Hitler was a dictator and he created so much depression amongst the people of the world because he introduced the prejudice amongst people and promoted hatred. Hitler, during his rise to power, introduced clearer vision about the structure and organization of a government. He invented new departments to deal with the arising issues. That decision resulted into bureaucracies and organization Hotch potch. The overlapping between the departments resulted in the poor organization of the departments.

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Debate on The Nazi State / Nazi Government

The historical debates about the contraption of the Nazi state that why it resulted in poor system management. There are two schools of thought in this regard. One is intentionalism and second is functionalism. One says that Hitler did every decision with a purpose and his broad, pre-convinced plans were not without purpose. The second school of thought clearly says that Hitler acted upon “Divide and Rule”, which resulted in to failure of a state.

The conclusion about the Nazi state is that it was not a successful state because dictatorship only ruins a country’s social, financial and economical value. It is a lesson for dictators too.

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