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Creative Inventor or Musician Essay , Article , Biography , IELTS Cue Cards , Speech

Creative Inventor or Musician: Essay, Article, Biography, IELTS Cue Card, Speech

Who Is He: A.R Rahman? (Essay on My Favourite Singer)

We have here an individual who has mastered brilliance in his work and brought the entire world underneath his feet. Yes, we are talking about The Music Legend – A.R Rahman!

Creative Inventor or Musician : Essay , Article , Biography , IELTS Cue Cards , Speech

Creative Inventor or Musician : Essay , Article , Biography , IELTS Cue Cards

Turning an Inspiration into a Creation

Aiming for flawlessness and captivating the competitive boundary are the things for what they desire persistently and add them to their mindset. The next thing is the presentation. During any split second of the day, their performance is exceptional. Performance is the language with which they converse with their followers and they recognize the language of result only and that has to be splendid.

Famous Worldwide

If you go through any newspaper or watch the news these days or see the web you will probably come across an interview or tales about his hard work which led to his achievements. Wherever you look you could see his posters and advertisements after his Oscar achievement and he truly deserved it! Each and every one of us was spotted seeing videos of his coming back to India and his press conferences and meetings with excitement.

Enthusiasm For His Work

Today, A.R. Rahman is one of the world’s most flourishing Indian musicians of all time. With a trading name like Rahman, movies scrape up in millions. But it isn’t just Rahman’s outstanding passion that’s so infectious, but also the superiority and sensation of the work he’s churning out. The man has redefined modern-day Indian music and has become an idol for millions of people all over the planet.

Essay on A.R.Rahman

Like everyone else, I have well-known his music right from the time ‘Roja’ was released back in the year 1992. That’s some good 24 years! Each person speaks of his music and his talent, what he eats and drinks and what he likes doing in his free time and so on so forth. But in fact, there are things much further than that one desires to be familiar with and discover from the legend that A.R.Rahman is. With scores of people who speak so highly of him at all times, there are a number of things that are left unspoken and certain things that we simply overlook and fail to notice about Rahman, that make him stand separately from the clutter.

Morals of A.R.Rahman

The melodic genius that Rahman is, the majority of that comes from his values and principles. Rahman’s accomplishments present some priceless tips to us which can be useful to our professional lives and attain our goals in life.

Through his everlasting value and easy living A.R Rahman presents us with opportunities for professional victory provided we discover from them, get used to them to our own situations and execute them suitably.

Focus of A.R.Rahman

With no diversion whatsoever, he has all his energies paying attention on doing quality effort from the comfort of his home. It means so much to be based out of the place where your family is, where your essence is and where your soul is.

IELTS CUE CARD: Describe a creative inventor or musician

Describe a creative inventor or musician

You should say : 

  • who this person is
  • what this person does
  • how you knew this person
  • and explain why you think this person is creative

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