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Visit To A Sports Club : Brief Report, Essay, IELTS Cue Card, Speech

Visit To A Sports Club : Brief Report, Essay, IELTS Cue Card, Speech

What is a Sports Club?

Visit To A Sports Club : A ‘Sports Club’ is a campus grouping that offers amusement, competition, and training in sport-related activities. Sport Clubs are an essential element of the Department of Recreation Services, planned to complement intercollegiate, intramural and student/faculty activity programs, as well as physical teaching classes. These sport clubs run primarily on student, faculty and other guests’ initiative and direction.

Visit To A Sports Club : Brief Report, Essay, IELTS Cue Card, Speech

Who Suggested You to Visit Sports Club?

I was told by a friend of mine about a sports club that has been recently inaugurated in the city, and was very excited to visit it. My friend told me that it contained all kinds of sports activities and had a bunch of professional coaches. One can go and learn different kinds of activities or just simply go and hangout with your friends.

Your Experience of Visit to a Sports Club

Since it opened, the Ultra Sports Hub was on my must-visit radar.  So, when I found out that The Lucknow Selection was playing Football in a friendly match on 20th August, I made it a point to buy tickets so that I could have fun at the new Stadium, which is part of the Hub, and where I can support our Lucknow team at the same time.

I must say that when I arrived at the 10-hectare Lucknow Sports Hub, I was rapidly swept away by the thrill and flurry that filled the air.  There were football fans getting ready to come into the Stadium to support the Home team, there were diners, shoppers, families and the curious ones – like me all enthusiastic and impatient to visit our fresh sports icon.

How Sports Club Looked?

The Lucknow Sports Hub comprises an extensive variety of venues, specifically, a 35,000-capacity Stadium, 4,000-capacity Aquatics Centre, 1,500-capacity Sports Arenas, a Water Sports Centre, a Library and about 25,000 square meters of trading and dining hall. Before the huge game, I decided to wander the shopping and dining area.  A gigantic shopping centre featuring a broad range of inter fashion brands, sportswear as well as a great variety of dining choices, I easily lost track of time while seeing all these big brands and such a great variety of sportswear, they had the best running and walking shoes. Just then there was an announcement that the match begins in next ten minutes. I quickly rushed to the stadium and occupied my seat. The greatest part about the new Sports Hub is how close the Stadium is to the shopping area.  It took me just five minutes to get from the shopping centre to my seat. How convenient it was!

As I pierced into the Stadium, I was blown away by surroundings there. The 35,000-seater stadium was unlike anything else in Lucknow. The Stadium also boasts a retractable top and customizable, preset and robotic retractable sitting room configurations on the lowest tier making it comfortable to host a thick range of sports, concerts and other actions.

Why Visit to a Sports Club Was Most Incredible ?

What I found the most incredible was the sight of the city skyline and the stream.How glorious!  How stunning it looked and felt at that moment!

I felt pleased that I had the chance to visit this remarkable stadium and be part of history, watching the first ever football game played in the new Stadium of the city.

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Talk about a sport club that you last visited. Please say

– Where and when was it?
– Who told you about it?
– What did you do there?


– How often do you go to this club?
– Do you like it?
– Why do you want to join this sport club?
– What is the importance of games in student life?
– Do you think there should be more sport clubs in your city?
– Do you think the government should encourage people to participate in sports and games?
– What facilities should be there in sport clubs for the young and elderly?

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