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20 Signs That Prove You Are the King of Laziness

20 Signs That Prove You Are the King of Laziness

20 Signs That Prove You Are the King of Laziness : Laziness, the problem, the hurdle in success, the reason of scold from parents, the syndrome of students life, yes laziness is all about doing things late and forgetting important tasks. You must be aware of your qualities so we have compiled a list which will tell you and help you to understand yourself and you are the king of laziness. Don’t worry, we are saying “KING” not servant so read all the facts below, we will tell you a secret at the end.

20 Signs That Prove You Are the King of Laziness

  1. Your hair seems like noodles. You don’t comb when you are at home, so it proves that you don’t comb because of laziness.
  2. Your bed is always full of things even the things you do not need all the time. Actually you are too lazy that you can’t put your alarm piece on side table instead of bed cushion.
  3. If you are boy, you don’t shave daily because you are lazy enough and don’t feel it to shave daily.
  4. When you are asked to clean your room, you put all the things under the bed or throw all the things blindly in the cupboard.
  5. Your food is usually maggi two minute noodles when your mom is not at home. Your problem is “who will cook the food”.
  6. You use bike or car to meet someone few doors next.
  7. Your habit is to do today’s work, next day and net day to other day.
  8. You find the best room service hotel when you are travelling. Actually you travel occasionally.
  9. You always use lift instead of stairs. If you have to wait for the life, you will wait because you do not want to go via stairs.
  10. You eat like a goat, oh sorry, you eat like you are sleeping and eating.
  11. You use to wear trousers and night suit at home.
  12. You are watching some very bored drama on TV just because your laziness does not allow you to pick remote and change the channel.
  13. You use to take bath seldom in winters and usually your holiday is your bath day.
  14. You don’t want to go out side for shopping and use to say you have enough clothes. This is much laziness actually.
  15. Food delivery boys often visit to your home because you always wait for prepared food.
  16. You always use online shopping sites and spend extra money to shop because you are too lazy and cannot go to market by yourself.
  17. You call someone from other room to give you something very near to you.
  18. You are lazy because you don’t even bother to solve your laziness problem.
  19. You text your mom just to ask today’s menu even if you are at home.
  20. I can’t write more, because I am also lazy. Don’t laugh, you are lazy too because you are reading this.

Oh yes, I said that I will tell you a secret. The secret is, you are not a single lazy person in this world. There are many of your fellows reading this so called secret. 😀

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