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5 Major Creative Writing Obstacles to Overcome

Every writing project is a creative process. You are required to generate new ideas that people can identify with. While you may have a passion for writing, it is not always easy and automatic to develop these ideas. It is challenging to begin the creative writing journey. At the same time, experienced creative writers also face numerous challenges.

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Each creative writing project comes with unique challenges based on the genre, project deadline, subject of discussion, and other factors. Even the most experienced writers who have produced captivating scripts face similar challenges. However, they have found a way to overcome the obstacles and constantly produce excellent work.

Here are obstacles to expect in the creative writing process and tricks on how to overcome them.

5 Major Creative Writing Obstacles to Overcome


Self-doubt is the worse creativity killer. It can be felt among writers, business persons, entrepreneurs, leaders, and the most talented professionals. It makes you feel inadequate to undertake a particular project.

Self-doubt may also cause you to view your work as substandard compared to what other writers have produced. Hire someone to get help with history homework when in doubt about your skills or when you need more time to work on other projects. The professionals have the confidence to meet expectations and deliver the best grades.

The first trick to overcoming self-doubt is to believe in the viability of your ideas. No idea is more important or stronger than your own. People will appreciate the idea you put across.

You must also realize that even the best creative writers struggled with similar challenges when working on their most popular books or scripts. If they gave in to the self-doubt and confidence crisis, they would not have produced the ground-breaking work they released. Accept self-doubt as an ordinary part of the writing process but not a reason to stop working on a creative project.

Another way to overcome self-doubt is to discuss the idea with your tutor or mentor. Tap into their experience and expertise to affirm your point. You will be surprised at how interesting and strong your idea is yet you had considered it to be weak and unworthy.


Creative writing processes require a lot of motivation. You will feel depleted yet you have set a deadline to complete a chapter or a section. In other cases, you feel like your project might not deliver the results you desire.

Motivation adds flare to your work. It makes a creative writing project more captivating. The characters and plot will be more animated when you feel motivated to write. Since motivation fluctuates, you must find a way to keep it high.

Set a specific time to write your scripts. It should be a time when you are energetic and ready to take on any project. Split the project into manageable portions that do not suck all your energy. Take a break to replenish your ideas and crystalize the existing ones. Once you return to the write the script, the mind will be reeling to go with new ideas.

New Ideas

A creative writing process demands new ideas. No tutor, editor, or publisher will take old ideas. Readers are also looking for fresh plots, characterization, and storylines. You have to produce new ideas to make your script compelling to read.

New ideas come from reading multiple scripts, books, and materials. You understand the ideas already existing in the market. You will notice loopholes that you can fill through your writing project.

If no new ideas are flowing from your head, you can take a writing break. Visit the park or take a road trip. Anything to relax the mind will help you generate fresh ideas.


Writing is a solitary exercise but it requires a lot of support. You might have a good plot but be poor in language. Your characters may be strong but the storyline is weak. You may also have a good story but no connection to a valuable publisher.

Writing support comes from the people around you and professionals in the writing industry. Talk to your family to allow enough time to work on your writing project. A mentor will also support your writing dream especially when you need to make it to the professional level. Support helps you to achieve your writing dreams easily.


Writing requires enough quality time. Rushing through a writing project results in substandard work. Create enough time to work on your project and endeavor to produce the best results. Reorganize your schedule to create room for your writing project. Once you are done or have covered a substantial portion of the work, you can resume normal activities.

A creative writing project is so delicate that it can be ruined by minor issues. Draw a writing plan, identify the obstacles to expect along the way, and find solutions. Work with a mentor or a tutor to support your creative writing project.

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