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A Football Match : Essay , Article , Speech , IELTS Que Card


A Football Match : Essay , Article , Speech , IELTS Que Card

Football – Most Celebrated Sport

Football is one of the most celebrated sports across the world. It is moreover one of the oldest games. It is a competition of power and endurance. In terms of recognition, it is as popular as cricket.

A Football Match : Essay , Article , Speech , IELTS Que Card

A Football Match : Essay , Article , Speech , IELTS Que Card

Football is one of the most popular games in the world. It is also one of the oldest games. It is a game of strength and stamina. In terms of popularity, it is as popular as cricket. Relatively, it is more admired in Europe and Latin America.

A Football Match Which I watched

Previous Sunday, I got a chance to observe a football match. The complete field was well adorned and a huge number of seats were prearranged for the guests and viewers. Both the teams were well-equipped and self-assured of their triumph. The ground was jam-packed. The match was scheduled to initiate at 1 P.M. Both the teams appeared in the field on the planned time.

First Half of A Football Match

Following the toss, the referee blew the whistle and the match commenced. It was anticipated to be a well-played and an energetic match. Both the teams were estimated to score well. During the first few minutes, it was the Red Team who subjugated the match. They struck hard to the defenses of their competitor, but fall short to achieve any goals. Nonetheless, they carried it out radiantly and the spectators were had a great time watching the game.

The captain was very thoughtful and self-assured. He was confident to turn the match in his favor. It was his optimism that inculcated a fresh hope and liveliness in the team. His team was yet again in elevated spirit. As an outcome it overturned the match and achieved power over it which was once lost. In the intervening time, the team gained a goal. The goal was esteemed with a deafening applause. The team was praised by their followers. Meanwhile, the right half of the Blue team was poorly wounded due to which the captain had to play the double role all through the game. Within a few minutes the first half was confirmed to be ended by the referee.

The players took a break and some refreshments. They planned out tactics to thrash their opponent. There was a thunderous noise in the playing field. The supporters, hurried to the ground to cheer up their favorite team.

Second Half Of A Football Match

The second half of the match commenced with the whistle of the referee. The Blue team was prepared with strategies to conquer the Red team. But the players of Red team were very alert above all their goalkeeper was very tactful. The Red team induced pressure on its enemy during the first few minutes, by striking goal after goal. But the goalkeeper of the rival team was astonishingly sharp and swift in dodging the goal. The game became very electrifying and breathtaking during the last minutes.

Result of A Football Match I Watched

At one moment, the game appeared to be a draw. It originated a moral boost up to the losing team. There were earsplitting cheers from their supporters. Each of the team was trying its best to prevail the match. The game was about to get over but astoundingly the Blue team scored a goal over Red team. This was an unexpected win which caused a great stir in the ground. There were rowdy cheers from its supporters, but the fighting spirit of the opposite team was also eulogized by all. Overall the match was enjoyed immensely by the spectators.

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