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Population Explosion: Essay, Speech, Article, Paragraph, Short Note (Causes)

Population Explosion: Essay, Speech, Article, Paragraph, Short Note

“We All Worry About The Population Explosion And We Don’t Worry About It At The Right Time.”

What is Population Explosion? (Essay on Population Explosion)

Population explosion means when the number of living humans exceed to the capacity that the earth cannot bear. It is the major social issue and problem for a country like ours. India ranks second in terms of population with a number that is one thousand twenty seven billion after China. If the population isn’t controlled then it is said that by 2025 India shall beat China and well that is surely nothing to be proud of. This problem has been persisting from second demographic transition that is from the age where lesser death rates exist because of availability of better medicines and development and birth rates keep on increasing. Every minute thirty four child birth are recorded in India. This is the stage of population explosion. It hampers the economy and disturbs economic balance of the country. There exist social evils and issues because of the increasing problems which need to be removed for developing the nation.

Population Explosion

Population Explosion

Causes Of Population Explosion

There are various causes behind population explosion. The very evident reason is the progressive areas of the country which is famine and epidemic control, reduction in wars and a large base population. There exists high level of illiteracy and more so in the female ratio. Women and man both need to be equally educated to have broader perspective, liberated mind, rational ideas, acceptance of new thoughts and trends. There are few exception like Kerala where female literacy ratio is more than that of male. There exists religious beliefs and orthodoxy among the family and they do not accept the idea of using birth control measures which leads to unwanted pregnancies. Poverty leads to increasing birth rates and vice versa. Poor people consider child as an asset who earns for them. There are many other causes like age of marriage, expectations of male child etc.

Effects Of Population Explosion

Population explosion has major effects to the economy and the country as a whole. It affects the standard of living of major population. The natural resources availability is not possible for huge population and extreme use because of the increasing population results in reducing it’s availability or almost making it extinct. It also affects the nature creating population, black holes, global warming, ultraviolet radiation etc. The increasing population shall reduce the number of working member in most families because large number of population shall be child or old which would make cost of living high also there would be situation where the manpower supply would be extreme but demand way lesser which would lead to unemployment. Unemployment itself being a problem is linked with stress, frustration and that shall lead to more social evils like robbery, rapes, murders and other crimes. There are many other effects which aren’t listed but cutting it short population explosion is a serious issue for any nation.

Preventive Measures Of Population Explosion

The problem of population explosion can be prevented by educating people. Education leads to better understanding towards this issue. It is not just necessary to have primary education but also secondary education. This makes both male and female educated enough to have a broader vision. There should be awareness spread about family planning programmes and using birth control measures, the consequences of having too many children. Poverty eradication measures should be carried on to prevent birth control. Marriages at tender age should be removed and the age of marriage should be increased. Strict legal steps should be taken for example not having more then certain number of kids, if someone breaks the law he shall be punished Gender discrimination should be abolished and women should be empowered. The availability of easy and cheap contraceptive tools will help to avoid unwanted cases of pregnancies.

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