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A Memorable Birthday Celebration [ The Happiest Day Of My Life ]

A Memorable Birthday Celebration

The Happiest Day Of Your Life IELTS Que Card

Which is Special Day ? – [Birthday – Special Day]

Birthdays are typically the occasions for delight and feasting. Family and friends get together on the occasion and wish the birthday boy/girl happy returns of the day and present their blessings. They convey their regards with the beautiful presents they bring with themselves.

A Memorable Birthday Celebration [ The Happiest Day Of My Life ]

A Memorable Birthday Celebration [ The Happiest Day Of My Life ]

I am personally a big fan of birthdays. I wait for my birthday prior a month or so. It is the most awaited celebration of the year and is celebrated likewise.

When It Comes ? [ Which Day Was Happiest Day Of Your Life? ]

My birthday came off on last Monday and as usual I was super excited for it. I asked a number of my friends to an extensive meal which my parents arranged.

How You Had Celebrated it ? [How It Became Happiest Day ?]

The time of the function was around six in the evening. We were all active in making arrangements the whole day. A unique canopy was raised in the big compound of the house. It was beautifully decorated with vibrant and lively buntings and balloons. Tables and chairs were laid and covered with white and contrasting red sheets. A gigantic birthday cake was positioned on the innermost table. By 4 P.M. the entire arrangements were completed and we already started to kill time by waiting for our guests.

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How You Were Feeling On That Happiest Day ?

The guests now began to turn up one by one. My father honored them at the gate of the canopy. Accurately at six, my father showed me the way to the table. I made a wish and with all the strength blew the candles, they extinguished all at once. The guests give a round of applause and started screaming with joy, it was clearly visible that they are having a great fun and were as excited as I was.  I started cutting the cake and heard everyone sang in a chorus ‘happy birthday to you, Disha’, happy birthday to you! I accepted their greetings with folded hands and I was much more delighted to receive such huge presents and by my friends and family members.

Now the party was set in motion. The guests were served with tea, nuggets and other sweets. My friends on the hand were provided some delicious starters.  All of them did full justice to it. The bearers ran here and there with the trays in their hands.  I invited my friends to dance along with me, some of them showed their best moves that day. I received a lot of compliments for my dress and was told a numerous times that I was looking pretty which made me blush each time. We clicked a lot of pictures that day and indeed I created a lot of memories that day.

How Your Birthday Ends ? [ How your Happiest Day Ends ? ]

The party was over and the guests began to head off. My parents expressed their gratitude towards them for their visit. I went to my room to take stock of the gifts I had received. I counted them all and established that I had received a number of precious things which were of huge use to me.

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I was dead tired by now. The day was about to come to an end and I sat in my room and started dreaming for my next birthday.

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